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WardheerNews: The Six Year Old

By Nur Bahal
Nov. 30, 2010

Six years have passed on WardheerNews's inception. In human chronological terms, the website is in its Preoperational stage. That is when children are between 2-7 years old. At that age, children view the world in their own fantasy and how they would like things to be. They are unable to tell time. They cannot separate reality from illusion. An objective analysis of the Somali websites will easily put the bulk of them in that period. Wardheernews, on the other hand, managed to by pass this stage or at least restrain the urge to let its fantasy take over. And it is this particular attribute of Wardheernews that I most admire.

Subjective news reporting and fanciful analysis of events in the Somali websites is both pervasive and purposive. The quagmire and conflicting opinions on the political ignominy of our homeland is clearly reflected in our websites. Wardheer has managed to stay away from the frying pan of the local couch battles - “fadhi-ku-dirir”- by adhering to a higher consciousness of the more noble and unifying Somali causes. It is not easy not to be persuaded by the base temptations or to brush aside the subtle voices of one’s own demons to partake in the sewer discourse of tribalism that has lately become the normal diet of Somali politics. But Wardheer, has time and again, managed to stave off the stale and transient causes that many in our community so ardently and persistently bought into for reasons that are closely coupled to the current social chaos in our country.

Wardheer has chosen the less traveled road – a road that hinges on the prerequisite of freedom of speech and fair reporting and diligently restrains the harmful impulses that normally hide behind such freedom. Letting them loose causes someone’s freedom of speech to infringe upon another’s integrity or brings harm to an individual or worse still stimulates and begets strife in a society. Ideas expressed and information dissipated on the internet can be unpolished and vulgar. For most communities around the world such freedom of speech contradicts the decent expression of ideas postulated in their culture and thus will be subjected to social disapprobation along with the media that carries them. Self-regulation of a media’s content, on the other hand, brings it along the lines of social decency dictated by its readers, thus, making that media a preferred channel of information and news. The distinction between freedom of speech and slander is also the demarcation between an esteemed media and a tabloid. Wardheernews choose to be an honorable media – a choice that some readers may be uncomfortable with, but at the end of the day will make Wardheernews a destination for those who seek reliable news and information.

Wardheer successfully managed to maintain a deluge of high quality information throughout the past six years. The quality of its enlightening information is one of the reasons it has attracted a large following of the Somali intelligentsia. When many have consigned themselves to the advocacy of niggling clan issues, the staff of Wardheernews irrevocably committed themselves to serving the fragile requisites of the ideal Somalinimo that is so precariously hanging in the balance. The constant disappointment of catering to what deceptively seems obsolete can burden the feeble. It is always easy to go with the crowd but Wardheer has chosen to stick with the classical, enduring pride of Somali idealism and unity. They choose to loose the battle and win the war.

Nur Bahal
Toronto, Canada,
Email: hildiid@gmail.com


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