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Nomad Diaries: A group Interview
By: Fathia Absie
August 8, 2010

Nomad Diaries is a thought provoking and a very conscientious book. It touches the very nerves that Somalis refused to go near. The horrible past and the very ugly present it has left behind. Nomad Diaries sparks the debate we’re so resistant in having and the denials we, all Somalis have been embracing for most of our lives which disabled us from moving forward. Because as we know it, a society must face its past and reconcile with it if wishes to face the future.

Nomad Diaries is a book that has it all. The depth of sorrow that has became a Somali story, all sad but true, the poetic sense of humor that kept us going and reminded us that life is a journey and all things must come to past. The never ending hunger and hopes that the Somali people are so famous for. It’ll remind us the words of the famous poet Maya Angelou that we are more alike than we are unlike.  Author Yasmeen Maxamuud is a gifted story teller.  She is a very brave Somali woman to embark and touch upon a past many of us have been afraid to revive. Her talent is beyond boundaries. 

Listen to the group interview by Fathia

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