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Siyaad Barre's departing words to the Somali people

Editor's Note:

President Mohamed Siad Barre

Following is Siyaad Barre's departing words to warn [his] Somali people of the impending self destruction and the acccompanying dark clouds in the horizon. There is no question Barre was a villain to many of his own people. But who, after listening to the 2-minute long tape, would argue that Barre was not an ardent student of his people and their nature? who would dispute that his characterization of Somalis as a bunch of foolish bent on self annihilation was on the money?

Approximately twenty years later, his predictions are more real than mere warnings - Destruction of all national institutions, looting (bililiqo) at an unprecedented proportions, and a nation whose soul is masterminded by its former enemy[Ethiopia]. Whatever left of Somalia today is nothing more than a nation whose even religious [Islamic] radicals are under the thumb of the Horn of Africa's only Christian nation. This tape says it all!

The conclusion one comes to after listening to foretelling tape is that there is no doubt that Somalis are good at destroying. The question, however, remains whether they are equally equipped to regroup and rescue themselves from their own self-infliction.

To listen to Siyad Barre's departing words click here

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