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Somali-Americans Help Out Countrymen Suffering Through Famine

By Antonio Castelan
August 13, 2011

CITY HEIGHTS - Famine is devastating Somalia. Some local Somalis are trying to help out their countrymen. Friday night a humanitarian fundraiser was held in City Heights.

Somali-American, Ibrahim Ainab said, "It's truly heartbreaking."

Somali-American, Abdimalik Bull said, "It is catastrophic what is going on."

Ibrahim Ainab and Abdimalik Bull cringe at the images coming out of their native country Somalia. The two men left the African nation at a young age - - but still keep up with family there.

Bull said, "There are kids walking 300-miles to another country to Ethiopia to Kenya dying on the street."

Somali officials say humanitarian supplies are coming in very slowly. Terrorist groups tied to Al-Qaeda are even making it harder for food and medical supplies to come in. Humanitarian groups estimate 600-thousand kids face starvation and 300-thousand are looking at imminent death.

Bull said, "The weather was horrible for two years. The cattle could not produce. The crops could not produce, and now we have people dying from food."

If anyone would like to help out you can send donations to the American Relief Agency for the Horn of Africa. The website is www.araha.org.


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