Let Us Write Today  
Safi Abdi
March 11, 2008

Come in speed, Friend
To this friend in need
Grasp this hand
Stretched forth
Treat your senses
To the fragrance of peace.

Hop onto this wagon of hope
Before we miss the boat
Let’s write Today,
You and me
Let’s hope today,
You and me
Just let’s be,
You and me.

We tarried for too long
In the rags of rage
Impaired our sight
In the dusky zone
And lost our lights
In trivial fatigue.

Come quickly
To this friend in need
Listen to this voice
Above the din
Catch this light
Put forth, for you and me.

Hop onto the wagon
Inspired anew
Come share this shade
In the gentle wood
Touch the blossom
With tenderness
With an olive branch
Let's write Today.

Come in speed, Friend
To this friend in need
In the showers of calm
Bathe freely with me
And let the parents of peace
Cuddle the newborn.

With an olive branch
Let’s write Today
Let the golden Verse
On the milky way pour
And give the Angels reason
To sing a praise.

A dreamer that I am
But I do study the season
With an eagle's eye
And have witnessed
A frosty stalk
Melt on a sunny day.

A full moon’s only a glance away
A good deed just an intention away
And when He intends it’s Be!
And Allah is closer than the jugular vein!


Safi Abdi is an author, Poet and a freelance writer based in the UAE. She can be contacted at:barni12001@yahoo.com _____________________________________________________________________________

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