Friday, November 24, 2017
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Jeffrey Gettleman’s tired tome

By Keren Weitzberg Africa has often served as a laboratory of self-discovery for privileged outsiders. Since the era of colonial adventurers, as Nadifa Mohamed notes, the continent has been a site “for dreams and nightmares,” a foil and mirror for many a Western traveler. This is the tradition/trap into which Jeffrey Gettleman falls. Gettleman, a Pulitzer-prize-winning journalist known for his lurid coverage of war, was until recently … Continued

An interview with Ali M. Ahad

Editor’s note: Ali Mumin Ahad is a Somali scholar with multifaceted interests and a personal life story that brought him from Somalia to Italy, and now to Australia. Ali obtained his undergraduate degree in Economics at the Somali National University, … Continued

A Challenging Transition in Somalia: A Book Review

Reviewed by Hassan M. Abukar Book: A Challenging Transition in Somalia Author: Abdiweli Mohamed Ali Length: 180 pages Publisher: The Red Sea Press, Inc. (February 20, 2017) Abdiweli Mohamed Ali “Gaas” was Somalia’s prime minister for 14 months, from June … Continued

Sahankii Richard Burton ee Bariga Afrika: Balo waa ay dambaysay

Tarjumo & Tifaftir Boodhari Warsame Odhaahda Tifaftirka: Waa qeybtii ugu dambeysay ee tarjumaadda buugga Sahankii Richard Burton, oo ka kooban 10 cutub, oo markii ugu horeysay la daabacay 1858. Buugga waxa tarjumay Boodhari Warsame. WardheerNews waxa ay aad ugu mahadnaqeysaa … Continued