Tuesday, June 27, 2017
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A Review of English-Maay Dictionary‏

Reviewed by Liban Ahmad  Book: English-Maay Dictionary Authors: Mohamed Haji Mukhtar and Omar Moalim Ahmed Paperback: 213 pages Publication date: July 2007 The Somali Maay  is one of the major dialects spoken in Somalia. Unlike the Maxaa  dialect,  which was chosen to become … Continued

Gorfeyn Buug: “Afar Waraabe: Sheekooyin Soomaaliyeed oo Hidde Ah”

Diyaariyei: Maxamed Xasan “Alto” Fallanqayn iyo Wareysi kooban Habeeyey oo Tarjumay: Georgi Kapchits Daabacday: Kooxda Madbacadda URSS; Daabacaadda koowaad La Daabacay: Oktoobar 2015; Gal Jilicsan; 416 bog Buuggan “Afar Waraabe: Sheekooyin Soomaaliyeed oo Hidde Ah”, waxaa habeeyey oo tarjumay qoraaga … Continued

A Memoir of the Somali Civil War: A Book Review

Reviewed by Liban Ahmad Book: Out of Mogadishu Author: Yusuf Mohamed Haid Paperback: 166 pages During the first two weeks of 1991 Somalis eagerly awaited the overthrow of the military dictatorship of Mohamed Siyad Barre. Throughout 1990, Mogadishu was notorious … Continued

Musa, A Novel by Abdi Latif Ega

By Abdi Latif Ega Greetings everyone! I am Abdi Latif Ega, author of Guban – a novel exploring the lives of a plethora of characters from all walks of life in postcolonial Somalia, as she revolves around its region, continent … Continued

Out of Mogadishu: A Memoir of the Somali Civil War in 1991

Out of Mogadishu: A Memoir of the Somali Civil War in 1991 is a compelling and captivating firsthand account that provides an astute and mesmerizing portrait of Somalia’s civil war and the state collapse that followed. Yusuf Haid, its author, … Continued

What Foreign Policy Staff Read in 2015

By FP Staff From novels set in Italy, India, and New York to deep dives into African gun-runners and an exploration of the world’s most hated apostle, Foreign Policy staff read books this year that made us laugh, cry, and … Continued