Monday, July 23, 2018
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A Challenging Transition in Somalia: A Book Review

Reviewed by Hassan M. Abukar Book: A Challenging Transition in Somalia Author: Abdiweli Mohamed Ali Length: 180 pages Publisher: The Red Sea Press, Inc. (February 20, 2017) Abdiweli Mohamed Ali “Gaas” was Somalia’s prime minister for 14 months, from June … Continued

Sahankii Richard Burton ee Bariga Afrika: Balo waa ay dambaysay

Tarjumo & Tifaftir Boodhari Warsame Odhaahda Tifaftirka: Waa qeybtii ugu dambeysay ee tarjumaadda buugga Sahankii Richard Burton, oo ka kooban 10 cutub, oo markii ugu horeysay la daabacay 1858. Buugga waxa tarjumay Boodhari Warsame. WardheerNews waxa ay aad ugu mahadnaqeysaa … Continued

Review: ‘The Mayor of Mogadishu,’ by Andrew Harding

NONFICTION: A striking portrait of modern Somalia — told through the job and life of Mogadishu’s mayor. By Mila Koumpilova KATHARINE HOURELD, ASSOCIATED PRESSFile – Mohamud Nur BBC foreign correspondent Andrew Harding’s book “The Mayor of Mogadishu” opens with an … Continued


By Asha Abdalla Editor’s note’s : This is an excerpt from an upcoming book titled Somalia failing due to bad leadership by Asha Ahmed Abdalla, a political activist and former parliamentarian and Assistant Minister. ______ Somalia is a victim of … Continued

A Review of English-Maay Dictionary‏

Reviewed by Liban Ahmad  Book: English-Maay Dictionary Authors: Mohamed Haji Mukhtar and Omar Moalim Ahmed Paperback: 213 pages Publication date: July 2007 The Somali Maay  is one of the major dialects spoken in Somalia. Unlike the Maxaa  dialect,  which was chosen to become … Continued