Sunday, June 17, 2018
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Professor Enow: A Unique Voice in Somali History

WardheerNews editorial The death of Professor Omar Enow, on December 2, 2016, is a major loss for Somalia and for the often overlooked Somali-Bantu history, in particular. Not only was he the voice of the voiceless, but also a tireless … Continued


WardheerNews Editorial “Mr. President, you have been in office for four years, have you succeeded in securing Mogadishu? My second question is: Regarding the children in the camps (Internally Displaced People), do they have Dugsi (Qur’an schools), regular schools, and … Continued

Madaxweyne Xasan iyo Doorashooyinka Soomaaliya

Aragtida Tifaftirka WardheerNews “ Madaxweyne waxaan  ku weydiinayaa afar sano ayaad Soomaaliya joogtaa, wali Xamar  Ammaankeeda ma sugtay ? Su’aashayda labaad, ilmaha Kaamanka deggen dugsi ma haystaan, Iskool ma haystaan, Dhakhtar ma haystaan, Ilaah xaqiisa maiyaa?” Cadnaan waa will yar oo … Continued

Hajj: Eid Al Adha

By WardheerNews Editorial “In it are Signs Manifest; (for example), the Station of Abraham; whoever enters it attains security; Pilgrimage thereto is a duty men owe to Allah,- those who can afford the journey; but if any deny faith, Allah … Continued

Cawke: A legendary Somali Icon

 WardheerNews Editorial The sudden death of Ahmed Hassan Cawke on November 17, 2015 has led to an outpouring of grief among almost all sections of the Somali population  across regions, territories and around the world. We received tributes from his … Continued

When cultural tension meets social media

By WardheerNews Conventional wisdom predicts people bring their cultural norms to social media. This phenomenon has opened itself wide in a recent incident that involves the jailing of Xidigaha Geeska (Horn Stars), a Somali entertainer ensemble that hails from Somaliland, … Continued

Hajj: Eid Al Adha

By WardheerNews Editorial “It is the duty of all believers towards God to come to the house of the pilgrims, if able to make their way out there”.   (Surah 3:19) Performing the Hajj, is the fifth pillar of   Islam. Hajj … Continued

A Disheveled Sharmarke Comes to the Beltway

WardheerNews Editorial Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid Sharmarke, a man known to Somalis by his moniker CCC ( Cumar Cabdirashid Cali), is currently on an uneventful visit to the Beltway. With almost an empty calendar, he briefly scored a non-consequential visit … Continued

Journalism in Somalia: Choosing Between Two Evils

By WardheerNews  May 3rd is the World Press Freedom Day as designated by the United Nations. It is a day in which both governments and their nationals are reminded of the inalienable right of the freedom of press and freedom … Continued


By WardheerNews On Thursday, April 2nd, 2015, a cowardly and deliberately instigated incident that shocked the world happened in Garissa town, in northern Kenya. Located in a semi-arid desert, Garissa is the headquarter of Garissa County. At about 5:00 AM, … Continued