Sunday, June 17, 2018
Wardheer News

Gates backs gene technologies in fight to end malaria

LONDON, (Reuters) – Gene-editing technologies that alter mosquitoes’ DNA could prove critical in the fight against malaria, Bill Gates said on Wednesday, and ethical concerns should not block progress in such gene-modifying research. Speaking at the Malaria Forum conference in … Continued

Analyzing Puntland’s ‘National Curriculum’

By Abdirasaq H. Nuurre, PhD Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to analyze ‘Puntland National Curriculum Framework’ (PNCF) in order to understand its meanings.  The paper investigates the following areas of the document: curriculum documentation and origins, curriculum proper … Continued

Should you be worried about cancer in your coffee?

By NATALIE RAHHAL California stores must now warn that coffee contains a carcinogen, but research shows a weak link between the two and suggests that coffee has more benefits than risks for health A California judge ruled yesterday that coffee sellers will have … Continued

Study Cited for Blaming Autism on TV Cartoon Does Not Exist

Social media posts have claimed a Harvard study blamed Peppa Pig for autism WASHINGTON — There is no Harvard study that says a British children’s television cartoon causes autism, despite what a social media post claims. In fact, there’s at … Continued