Sunday, July 22, 2018
Wardheer News

Somalia: Al-Shabab shuts down football pitches in Mogadishu

By Hamza Mohamed It’s late on Wednesday afternoon, and the Shiirkole football pitch in the Somali capital should be teeming with life. Usually, there are uniformed players and crowds wearing colourful jerseys supporting their favourite teams. That’s how it’s been … Continued

Mama Malyun Names and Shames

By Hassan M. Abukar The arrival of social media in conservative Somalia has prompted the rise of smart, educated, activists who have become champions for the voiceless. However, the medium has also led to the emergence of a different class … Continued

The Lobby: A Fathia Absie Film

By Hassan M. Abukar Title: The Lobby Running Time: 56.59 minutes Status: Limited Release Country: United States Directed, written and produced by Fathia Absie Cast: Doug Sydney and Fathia Absie —— Several years ago, Fathia Absie made a compelling documentary, … Continued


[column col=”1/2″][vimeo height=”400″ width=”400″][/vimeo] [/column] Nasro’s Journey [column col=”1/2″]The Story of a Somali refugee who fled her War-torn home country with her family and settled in Columbus, Ohio.[/column]  


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