Saturday, March 24, 2018
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Mama Malyun Names and Shames

By Hassan M. Abukar The arrival of social media in conservative Somalia has prompted the rise of smart, educated, activists who have become champions for the voiceless. However, the medium has also led to the emergence of a different class … Continued

Somali Minnesotans: A Community in Siege

By Faisal Roble Following a successful Somali leadership summit hosted byTayo Consulting Group, I took time to walk through Cedar neighborhood in Minneapolis.  Despite an uncharacteristically warm Sunday afternoon (April 22, 2017), the mood of the residents was subdued this … Continued


By Muawiya Muhumed  Burale For years and years, the people of Northeastern Kenya have been deeply plunged in varieties of adversities including perennial famine and drought, poor road network, malnutrition and other problems that continue to bite hard to this … Continued

Rape: A Conspiracy of Silence

By Yasmeen Maxamuud Editor’s note: We are all saddened by the recent horrific rape of a young innocent Somali girl that took place in Puntland in the hands of six criminals that are still not brought to justice. It’s equally … Continued

Line of Death: A short Story

By Abdihakim Marayare Editor’s Note: This is a vivid, poignant, fictionalized portrayal of Al-Shabaab’s vast infiltration of Mogadishu. The militant group has long waged a war of terror in the capital, killing politicians, journalists, entertainers, and other innocent people. This short … Continued


By Muawiya Muhumed Burale The Government of Kenya has established a Northern Collector Tunnel that will gather water at the source in the Aberdare forest and divert it to Thika’s Ndakani dam for use in Nairobi, according to opposition leader … Continued

Mogadishu: Between Miracles and Maladies

By Hassan M. Abukar Background: A well-placed Somali businessperson sent me this letter via e-mail. It is poignant and bold, straddling between hope and despair, frustration and relief, boom and bust. It is also a testament to the miracles taking … Continued