Saturday, March 24, 2018
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Passage through Mexico: the global migration to the US

By Nina Lakhani in Tapachula, Mexico, The Guardian The sun has barely risen and already hundreds of migrants are gathered outside the vast white and green immigration detention centre, hoping to get through its gates. Most have travelled thousands of … Continued

Waa kuma ‘Hadraawi’?

W.Q. Siciid Jaamac Xuseen Hadday jiraan malyuun qof oo Hadraawi yaqaan, waxaa hubaal ah in mid waliba sidiisa u yaqaan oo halkaas aad ugu tegaysid malyuun. Aniguna malyuunkaas ayaan ka mid ahay. SIDAAN U AQAAN: Waa qof, waa abuur insi … Continued


By MaanHadal In a small room filled with light, softsmoke blowing from a finely crafted incense burner, a group of men are chewing mouth-watering, bitter-tasting tender stems of Kenyan Miraa – cheerfully tucking handfuls of the stuff into their mouths … Continued

The Rescuers

Photographs by Amnon Gutman In July, photographer Amnon Gutman spent 12 days on board a 50-year-old 100-foot trawler in Libyan coastal waters with a team of Sea Watch volunteers — a crew comprised of doctors, engineers, and a cook, among … Continued

‘I found my dad on Facebook’

By Abdirahim Saeed & Deirdre Finnerty BBC World Service Farhiya was separated from her father when she was a baby She didn’t see him for nearly 40 years They were reunited thanks to a stranger on social media “Congratulations! We … Continued

Sheikh Salah: Turning his Blindness to Brightness

By Abdullahi Mohamed In every nation, there are people whose worth is belittled unfairly or whose potential is undermined unjustly.  People, who do not have enough educational background or solid experience, develop myths against disabled individuals in society.  Here is … Continued

Somali Youth: Genration Tomorrow

New generation, new hope

By Dr. Hamdi Mohamed “Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars”  Khalil Gibran Change is in the air! No, it is not the vibrancy of rebuilding a country – nor the … Continued