Saturday, September 23, 2017
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The Conflict in Eastern Ethiopia, Explained Posted

Ethnic tensions between Ethiopia’s two regions, Oromia and Somali erupted into violent conflict that killed at least dozens of people and drove thousands of men, women and children from their homes during the second week of September 2017. Reports on social media about the … Continued

Turmoil Engulfs Somali Charter School in City Heights

By Maya Srikrishnan, Voice of San Diego Iftin Charter School has gotten itself into a huge, expensive mess. Earlier this year, multiple employees filed complaints against the City Heights school over discrimination and retaliation. In June, the school received a scathing … Continued

Message to the world from Nasima Khatun, a Rohingya

“If we go back we’ll be either tortured or killed… [Hear] our stories of sorrow… how [would you] feel in our shoes?” Nasima, Khatun, 60 [Katie Arnold/Al Jazeera] By Katie Arnold Nasima Khatun, 60, comes from Rakhine State, Myanmar, which she fled … Continued

How the NSA built a secret surveillance network for Ethiopia

By Nick Turse, The Intercept “A WARM FRIENDSHIP connects the Ethiopian and American people,” U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson announced earlier this year. “We remain committed to working with Ethiopia to foster liberty, democracy, economic growth, protection of human … Continued