Thursday, January 19, 2017
Wardheer News

The commotion surrounding Somalia’s transition

CDRC DIGEST: A monthly publication of the Centre for Dialogue, Research and Cooperation (CDRC) Somalia’s presidential election, previously scheduled for December 2016, was postponed by a month and is now expected to take place in late January 2017. The Somali people, … Continued

Rape: A Conspiracy of Silence

By Yasmeen Maxamuud Editor’s note: We are all saddened by the recent horrific rape of a young innocent Somali girl that took place in Puntland in the hands of six criminals that are still not brought to justice. It’s equally … Continued

Presidential election: Uncertain future for the incumbent

WardheerNews Editorial The 2017 Presidential election in Somalia could stay true to the sweeping trend that the rest of the world has witnessed – the wind of anti-incumbency.  Somalia and its nascent parliament could easily reject Hassan Sheikh Mahmoud and … Continued

The Dual Citizenship Debate in Somalia

By Liban Ahmad A friend of mine who went to the former College of Political Science and Journalism in Somalia had told me in 1990, that Somalia did not allow its citizens to have dual citizenship. The Somali government of … Continued

Line of Death: A short Story

By Abdihakim Marayare Editor’s Note: This is a vivid, poignant, fictionalized portrayal of Al-Shabaab’s vast infiltration of Mogadishu. The militant group has long waged a war of terror in the capital, killing politicians, journalists, entertainers, and other innocent people. This short … Continued

An Interview with Sheiknor A. Qassim

Editors Note: Sheiknor Abukar Qassim is a Somali political activist and a prominent figure in the South West political landscape. Born in Mogadishu to a family steeped in Somali history and politics, Sheiknor left Somalia in the mid-eighties to pursue … Continued

Somaliland at crossroads

By Liban Ahmad Recently Somaliland Presidential candidates, exchanged tirades via the media. Muuse Bihi, the ruling party’s candidate, insinuated that Waddani presidential candidate, Abdirahman Mohamed Abdillahi, had committed treason after meeting leaders of the Somali Federal Government in Nairobi. “Somaliland sovereignty is non-negotiable”, said Chairman … Continued

The Mogadishu I never imagined!

By Umaimah Abdulahi Issa “I can’t believe am letting you go” she frowned. “Don’t worry about me hooyo, did you not travel to Mogadishu for your higher studies at a younger age than mine”, I replied trying to ease on … Continued

WDN Persons of the year 2016: Hassan Abukar and Faisal Roble

 By WardheerNews WardheerNews recognizes Hassan Abukar and Faisal Roble as their persons of the year.  Although Hassan and Faisal hail from different regions, they have a common bond through their writings for the love of country in this climate where … Continued