Sunday, June 25, 2017
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Building in flame: what should we learn from this tragedy

By Abubakar N. Kasim The entire building that went in flame in a modern city like London is indeed troubling. I have never imagined in today’s age and time UK still treats its minorities as subhumans and second class citizens. The government’s … Continued

The Gulf Conflict and Somalia’s Sovereignty

By Faisal Roble Globalized Arab Feud On June 5, 2017, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, custodian of the Kaaba,’ severed diplomatic ties with Qatar. Some commentators believe that the Gulf spat is the product of fake news. Another theory is … Continued


By Jama Ali Kabe Elections in Kenya are usually held every five years. Elective positions are six in number: The Presidency, County Governor, Senator, Women Representative, Member of Parliament and finally, the Member of County Assembly (MCA). The position of the … Continued

Remembering Ramadan

By Faisal Roble Ramadan brings the believer closer to his/her Creator; it is also time for reflection of yesteryears. Although I share with the Ummah the resolve to be close to God, I couldn’t resist this year but remunerate some … Continued

Indonesia: Key Wars and Conflicts

By Adan Makina Indonesian Conflict (1955-1966) Between the years 1955 and 1966 Indonesia was embroiled in conflict that took the lives of millions. War erupted between Indonesia and Malaysia in 1962 and 1966. It was a small, undeclared war that … Continued

The Supreme Court of Somalia must be reformed

By Ahmed Ibrahim, Ph.D President Mohammed Abdullahi Farmaajo during recent public event in Mogadishu celebrating the 100-day of his government forcefully stated that the government would focus on corruption and fighting the injustice enshrined in the judiciary of Somalia. In … Continued

I’m a Hijabista, Not a “Passive Terrorist”

By Sarah Ghanem Yes, I’m a Muslim. Yes, I am a hijabi. And yes, I cried my heart out when I got to know about the evil attack of terrorism in Manchester, the largest terrorist attack witnessed in the region … Continued

Abdirizak H. Hussein: A Reflection

By Hassan M. Abukar Three years have gone by since the passing of Abdirizak Haji Hussein, the former prime minister of Somalia. Since then, two books have been written about him: Abdi I. Samatar’s Africa’s First Democrats: Somalia’s Aden A. … Continued

Manchester Massacre. I hope humans can regain its humanity

By Abubakar N. Kasim Words can’t describe the magnitude of the horrific tragedy unfolding in Manchester, UK where at least 22 people have lost their lives including innocent children. It shows the barbaric nature of this evil act where even children … Continued