Monday, April 24, 2017
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By Ismail H. Warsame Truth in Somali political debate has been replaced by personal and clannish perceptions irrespective of realities and facts on the ground. Everybody seems to be spinning his/her emotional version at the expense of truth. There is no … Continued

New Cabinet, Old Concerns

By Hassan M. Abukar Prime Minister Hassan Kheyre, in consultation with President Mohamed Farmajo, nominated his bloated cabinet of 62 members this week. In fairness, the cabinet has aspects that are both commendable and promising, but it also raises some … Continued

U.K. Terror attacks: Is there a solution in the horizon?

By Abubakar N. Kasim In the name of Allah, London’s terror attacks is another cycle of senseless violence which seems to have no ending in the foreseeable future. Innocent people including Muslims are indiscriminately targeted. Politicians almost use the same … Continued

Farmajo: The Saga of Missed Opportunity

By Faisal Roble The year 1994 and 2017 have one thing in common: both years mark missed opportunities in remaking Somalia. Just like the time when the Algerian born former UN representative, Mohamed Sahnoun, narrated about Somalia’s missed opportunity, in … Continued

Interview with Abdulkadir A. Hussein of HASS Petroleum Group

Editor’s Note: Amid the chaos that is associated with Somalia and despite the many obstacles to peace and tranquility in Somalia, Somalis are known for their business entrepreneurship, among them are individuals who have contributed greatly to the greater good of … Continued

Two cornerstone issues for the new government of Somalia

WardheerNews commentary Most Somalis agree on the need for establishing peace, security, creation of a strong national security and a government made up of competent and qualified people. These were also the promises made by Mohamed Farmajo in his presidential … Continued

Ibrahim Dheere and Ethiopia: Seven Years Later

By Hassan M. Abukar In 1948, the British colonial government handed over a region overwhelmingly populated by Somalis to the then emperor of Ethiopia, Haile Selassie. When Somalia became independent in 1960, almost every successive government established its cornerstone foreign … Continued


By Hassan Ahmed The current political situation in Federal Government of Somalia and Puntland region has made me reflect upon the leaders and types of leadership we have in our country. According to my viewpoint, there are three types of … Continued

An open letter to President Farmajo

By Mohamed Yusuf Mr. President, I am extending to you my heart-felt congratulations in your winning the presidency of Somalia. I feel a great sense of pride in the unity of our people in electing a president who will lead … Continued


By Muawiya Muhumed  Burale For years and years, the people of Northeastern Kenya have been deeply plunged in varieties of adversities including perennial famine and drought, poor road network, malnutrition and other problems that continue to bite hard to this … Continued