Wednesday, June 20, 2018
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The Trials and Tribulations of Omar Pilot

By Adan Makina Mistreatment of Somalis in pre and post-independent Kenya was precariously and institutionally carried out on a wide scale in brusquely overbearing ways.[i] The hardships endured by Omar Farah Hussein Ali who was among the first Somali pilots … Continued


By Ahmed Ugaas When people are afflicted by civil war, poverty, and terrorism, trust of the rule of law and governmental institutions dwindles; groups get organized to defeat each other and politics becomes a zero-sum game. As unfortunate as that may … Continued

What’s in a picture: The blah blah blah prime minister of Somalia!

WardheerNews series- What’s in a Picture  On February 8, 2017, Somalia’s Federal Parliament elected Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo as the new president to lead Somalia out of chronic widespread corruption and endless political gridlock. On February 23, President Farmajo lost no time in nominating Hassan Ali Kheyre … Continued


By Faisal Roble Editor’s Note: Ramadan commemorates the precious month in the Islamic calendar and it is obligatory for the Muslims to fast. It’s when the Holy Quran was first revealed to Prophet Mohamed (Peace be upon him).  It’s the … Continued

Sensible Lessons from an ungodly Corner

By Faisal Roble Seek knowledge “even though it be in China,” said Prophet Mohammed. As the Dubai-Qatar induced crisis engulfs, and potentially erodes the gains Somalis have made in the last twenty years, the leadership at Villa Somalia must look for … Continued

The Gulf Crisis: A way out

By Faisal Roble Past Missteps and Present-day Problems I was once told that Somalis are good people with bad leaders.  The proof is in the history of the last twenty-five years. One only hopes that Somalia’s political class learns lessons from … Continued