Sunday, July 22, 2018
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Modern Challenges to the Spirit of Hajj

BY: ASLAM ABDULLAH There was a time when people would spend months and months preparing themselves financially and spiritually to live the real meaning of Hajj. However nowadays Hajj is offered as a holiday package. Many Hajj agencies all over the … Continued

Muslims in China’s ‘Little Mecca’ fear eradication of Islam

Concerns have been raised over the Chinese government’s apparent clampdown on a Muslim-majority region in north-west Gansu province in a bid to squash potential separatist movements. For hundreds of years, ethnic Hui Muslims in Linxia, dubbed ‘China’s Little Mecca’, have enjoyed … Continued

In Chicago and elsewhere, Latinos converting to Islam

By Alexandra Arriaga On June 5, 2018 in Orland Park, IL, Maria Ontiveros, Felicia Salameh and Jessica Salgado all do their evening prayer before breaking their Ramadan fast. I Maria de la Guardia/Sun-Times Standing shoulder to shoulder inside a community center … Continued

To fast or not to fast?

Saudi Arabia’s players during training at the Petrovsky Stadium in St. Petersburg, Russia, on June 10, 2018. (REUTERS/Anton Vaganov) GARY MEENAGHAN MOSCOW: For Muslims around the world, Thursday is expected to be the last day of Ramadan, yet for players … Continued

Asian man leaps to death in Mecca’s grand mosque

A man has apparently committed suicide in Saudi Arabia at Mecca’s grand mosque by jumping off the building’s roof as hundreds of pilgrims gathered at Islam’s holiest site. Mecca authorities said in a statement on Friday that an “unidentified Asian male” threw … Continued

Somalia: Al-Shabab shuts down football pitches in Mogadishu

By Hamza Mohamed It’s late on Wednesday afternoon, and the Shiirkole football pitch in the Somali capital should be teeming with life. Usually, there are uniformed players and crowds wearing colourful jerseys supporting their favourite teams. That’s how it’s been … Continued

The Night of Power: Do You Have An Ambitious Plan?

By Deana Nassar A study by WHO has revealed that 71 years was the average life expectancy at birth of the global population in 2014. A quick calculation reveals that converted to months this would be equal to 852 months. … Continued