Sunday, July 22, 2018
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Tarjumo & Tifaftir Boodhari Warsame Hordhac Akristeyaasha sharfanoow, waxa hortiinna yaal ee aan idin la wadaagayaa waa iskudayga tarjumid buug caan ah oo qoraa caan ahi ka qoray socdaal sahan ahaa oo uu sannadkii 1854tii ku maray inta u dhexaysa … Continued

Ahmed Hussen’s Victory is both Somali and Canadian

By Faisal Roble On the eve of October 19, 2015, a young Somali woman called me from Toronto, Canada. Still winding down from my daily commute, I reluctantly answered the phone and inquired who the caller was? “You don’t know … Continued


By Prof. Said S. Samatar Introduction This piece appeared in Research in African Literatures exactly three decades ago. Since then mighty changes have occurred in Somalia in particular, and in the world at large generally.  Alas, Abdisalaam Haaji Aadan, the witty … Continued

Somali Media: Ethics, Truth and Integrity

By Abdelkarim A Hassan “I haven`t voted since 1964, I don`t want to get my judgment involved in what I do for a living” Jim Lehrer, PBS, News Hour. Background In recent years Somali journalism, Islam and Somali music have … Continued

Somali Women in the Diaspora: Women in Minneapolis

By Yasmeen Maxmuud Traditional Somali history has not been kind to Somali women and has often associated the term “Naag” with their weakness. All the demise of the family would be associated with the limitation of women. A countless number … Continued