Tuesday, February 21, 2017
Wardheer News

Hassan Sheikh Mohamud: The Return of the Incumbent

By Hassan M. Abukar Barring the unforeseen, it is likely President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud (HSM) will be reelected on Dec. 28. What is not certain, however, is whether there is a possibility that the presidential election might be put off … Continued

2016 Election: Why President Hassan could lose

By Faisal Roble If everything goes as planned, come October 30, 2016 Somalia could accomplish a major milestone and conduct parliamentary elections since the 1960s, however imperfect that may be. Despite President Hassan Sheikh Mahmoud’s recent pronouncement that the election … Continued

Somalo-Jewish relations: blasphemy or real politic

By Faisal Roble These are some of the questions that I pondered while on a family vacation in West Palm Beach, Florida. Is Somalia finally joining the campaign to end the sub-Saharan diplomatic “embargo” of the Jewish state? If so, … Continued

Midaynta iyo Horumarinta Af Soomaaliga

W/Q Cabdalla Mansuur Kaddib markii loo kala qaxay dalal afafkoodu kala duwan yihiin, waxaa la dareemay ahmiyadda uu leeyahay afka hooyo iyo qoraalkiisuba. Gaar ahaan xagga qoraalka, afku wuxuu noqday midka keliya ee laysku afgaran karo. Arintan ayaana keentay in … Continued

Diploma Mills Mislead and Defraud Vulnerable Somali Students

By Abdillahi Hussein It all started with Facebook erroneous comment on a basic fundamental economics concept by someone claiming to hold “doctoral” degree in the Economics. Oddly, that person was using a copy of his “Ph.D. degree in Economics” as … Continued

The Naming and Shaming of Ambassador Ali Americo

By Hassan M. Abukar The United Nations Monitoring Group Report on Somalia and Eritrea, which was released this week, offers a scathing attack on former Somali ambassador to Kenya, Mohamed Ali Nur “Americo” for engaging in a widespread graft and … Continued

Jubaland’s Robin Hood Parliament: A Call for Justice

To: President, Federal Government of Somalia To: Speaker, Somali Federal Parliament To: Prime Minister, Federal Government of Somalia To: Executive Secretary of IGAD To: UN Special Envoy To: AU Special Envoy To: IGAD Special Envoy  We, the undersigned community leaders representing SADE, … Continued