Thursday, August 17, 2017
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Jubaland’s Robin Hood Parliament: A Call for Justice

To: President, Federal Government of Somalia To: Speaker, Somali Federal Parliament To: Prime Minister, Federal Government of Somalia To: Executive Secretary of IGAD To: UN Special Envoy To: AU Special Envoy To: IGAD Special Envoy  We, the undersigned community leaders representing SADE, … Continued

An interview with Bancroft Global Development

By WardheerNews Editor’s note: Bancroft’s story has been featured in many notable publications including The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and The New York Times. This is the first time their story has been covered by Somali Media. Thus, … Continued


By Abdelkarim A Hassan There was much jubilation among many Somalis and in particular those from Puntland celebrating long and wide when Dr. Abdiwali M. Ali was elected as the president of Puntland on January 8, 2014. The euphoria shown … Continued

Islaaminta Aqoonta: Qalad Aan Laga Qaangaarin

W/Q Cabdisaciid Cabdi Ismaaciil 1- Gogoldhig Maalintii taariikhdu ahayd 22kii Feebaraayo 2015, khudbo Shiikha jaamacadda As-har mudane Axmed Addayib uu ka jeediyey shir lagu qabtay magaalada Maka al-Mukarama, oo la sheegay in looga hadlayo mawduuca “La dagaalanka aragagixisada”, wuxuu ku … Continued

The South-West State: Annals of Corruption

By Hassan M. Abukar Much hope has been pinned on the new South-West regional state (SW) becoming an integral part of the remaking of a strong federal system in Somalia. The SW’s interim government is headed by Sharif Hassan, former … Continued

The Proper Weight of Fear

By Rachel Pieh Jones As soon as the Jubba Airways plane lands I fold in on myself. I tug on my black scarf with fringes and a maroon hem, settle it over the masar that already tightly conceals my curly … Continued


By Ismail Ali Ismail Introduction President Hassan Sheikh Mahmoud, unlike any of his predecessors, was an unknown quantity when he was elected by the Somali Parliament on Sepember16, 2012; he had been unknown even to the great majority of those … Continued