Wednesday, May 24, 2017
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Things to Celebrate

Editor’s note: Humanity Against Poverty (HAP) begins their work with a human story. By dipping into the rich stories of people impacted by poverty. It’s a digital platform that prides itself in depicting the beautiful, ornately layered stories of people … Continued

What you should know before you quit your job…

By Veronica Cherop Photo: Courtesy Everyone in the neighborhood avoids one woman like the plague. Every time you greet her, she opens up about her financial and social problems like a river. She owes nearly everyone money. Her new status … Continued

Hillary Clinton Makes History

By The Editorial Board Hillary Clinton’s life, in many respects, traces the arc of progress for women in American society. Her mother, Dorothy Rodham, was born in 1919, a year before the 19th Amendment gave women the vote. It has … Continued

Grandma: Talk to Me

By Hassan M. Abukar My almost 90-year-old “Ayeeyo” (Grandma) passed away in the early 1980s. I last saw her during a visit to Mogadishu from the U.S. while on a break from college. She was then living in Mogadishu with … Continued

An Interview with MP Mariam Arif Ghassim

By WardheerNews Editor’s note:  Mariam Arif Ghassim is the Chair of the Constitutional Oversight and Review Committee in the Federal Parliament of Somalia. An attorney by training, she spent close to two decades in Mogadishu after the collapse of Siad … Continued

The Issue of Fair Wages: A Reflection

By Abdelkarim Hassan The Washington based Institute of Policy Studies published research on the soaring pay of top CEOs. The average CEO of a Fortune 500 company is paid $ 10.8 million, which is 364 times more than the pay … Continued