Sunday, December 17, 2017
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Diploma Mills Mislead and Defraud Vulnerable Somali Students

By Abdillahi Hussein It all started with Facebook erroneous comment on a basic fundamental economics concept by someone claiming to hold “doctoral” degree in the Economics. Oddly, that person was using a copy of his “Ph.D. degree in Economics” as … Continued

Help Guled! #GacanQaboGuled

Hello! We are a team of Somalis, from Somalia and the Somali diaspora who are conducting a fundraiser for Guled , a 13-year old boy genius. Guled is a self-taught inventor, who began creating cars and planes from an early … Continued

Reflections from a Somali-American teacher

By Qorsho Hassan I was raised by a single mother who valued education and the deen (Islam), and so my childhood revolved around books, the arts and constant exposure to the vibrancy of the Somali Dhaqan (culture). In the beginning … Continued

What Does It Mean To Be A Somali?

By Yasmine J. Farah I left Somalia when I was around the age of 6. Since that time, we have lived primarily in the United States. My knowledge of Somalia is on the borderline bipolar with a hint of schizophrenia. … Continued


By Abdiwahab M. Ali My visit to Mogadishu was initially conceived out of curiosity: What did the future hold for the capital, once a paradise in the Horn of Africa, as it is re-emerging from years of fratricidal civil war? … Continued

Burao Academy- Seattle Fundraising Dinner

Burao Academy- Seattle Fundraising Dinner. Improving their today and investing in their tomorrow. When Date: SATURDAY AUG 29, 2015 Time: 7:30PM – 11:00 PM Dinner Served at 8:00 PM Where New Holly COMMUNITY CENTER 7054 32nd Ave South Seattle WA … Continued