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Detention and brutal beating peaceful protestors, mainly women and children in Las’Anod

By Ayan Osman

As the recent confrontation between Puntland security forces and Somaliland in the heavily militarized Tukaraq district, 70 km eastern of Sool regional capital Las’And, in the northeastern Somalia intensifies, the suppression of the helpless residents in hits record highest.

Las Anod, detention and brutal beating peaceful protestors.

On 28th May, hundreds of residents waving Somali flag and the flag of Puntland had taken to the streets to demonstrate their support of the ongoing security operation to resist secessionism in favor of unity of the greater Somalia.

Dozens of peaceful demonstrators, mainly women and children had been brutally bitten by Police of the breakaway administration in Hargeisa, the Police whom had been deployed from Burco of Togdher region used live bullets leaving at least 12 wounded, 7 women and 5 children, detaining over 60 others.

Limited or even nonexistent reliable and independent media outlets to report reality on the ground is an unfortunate event. By vice, peculiarities of people in Laasaanood town of Sool region are completely isolated from the rest of the world. Enjoying the luxury of impunity, security forces keep engaging against civilian protestors, who are regularly arrested and detained indiscriminately; this has become the order of day for many ordinary citizens in Laasaanood.

Sool governor of Somaliland imposes unwarranted censorships and security forces deployment in major streets of Laasaanood to suppress popular uprisings posing an eminent threat to civilian safety of residents day in, day out.

Additional provisional extrajudicial lockdowns paralysed population movements and access to basic services, which many of the demonstrating chanted slogans asking the international community to intervene.

Despite, domestic political turmoil compounded with the tribal hostilities rising high, Muse Bihi’s administration pressed too hard that neither retreat nor resolution is nothing more or less than a political suicide. His immediate options is if he can square a deal with Gaas, who’s also under intense pressure by lawmakers and politicians of Puntland to preserve and protect the constitution.

Provocative, controversial and somewhat ill-advised rhetoric speeches by Bihi and his so called multiparty clansmen continues to trigger civil unrest and public resentment not only in Sool but in many parts of Somaliland including the ongoing clan confrontation in El-Afweyne district of Sanaag, which many accused of him fueling the fighting.

Ayan Osman

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