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By Abdi Farah Sharawe (Laqanyo)

Today HirShabeelle State of Somalia stands at crossroads. We have two directions that the state can take– one road will lead us forward from the current predicaments to a brighter and promising future, the other will drag us back into the underdevelopment and the misery of yesteryears.

Abdi Farah Sharawe (Laqanyo)

For too long, the regions of Hiiraan and Middle Shabeelle have been in civil conflicts driven by resources, power struggles, greed, and vengeance; and in those years, we have damaged our society, creating a culture of fear, animosity, and distrust amongst the communities of these regions. The recent merging of these two regions and the establishment of HirShabeelle State of Somalia brought about a sense of accord and optimism for a better future. The communities of HirShabeelle looked forward to peace, stability and harmony, which they deserve—And together to regain their historic positions in Somalia, as a breadbasket and the home of political icons. This seemed doable and practical when Hirshabeelle elected its officials, first time since establishment. It was a missed opportunity.

The recent political dilemma and wrangling should not define who we are and the prospects of
our wonderful, young and affluent Federal Member State of Somalia. It is not what we need,
and certainly not what HirShabeelle State people deserve. It is time for peace and harmony.

As one of the Presidential Candidates of HirShabeelle State, I took this moment to write to the
residents of this great State, our Honorable Members of Parliament, and to share my plan with
all of you. My agenda is to guide HirShabeelle State towards a new direction, a fresh start and
an agenda that puts us on track to peace, harmony and prosperity.

At this moment of crossroads, we all need to take a collective pledge to forge a new way
forward based on security, justice, economic recovery/reconstruction, reconciliation, social
cohesion and delivering social services. We need to build on the groundwork that has been laid
in establishing this young State into a viable and sustainable Federal Member State with strong
institutions and a brighter future for all its residents.

I am running for the leadership of HirShabeelle State of Somalia because I have a strong and
uniting vision. I also offer experience and passion in working closely with our Members of
Parliament, the Federal Government of Somalia, other federal member states and international
partners in implementing this realistic vision.

My agenda considers the following seven key issues;

1. Good governance and efficient cabinet

Good governance is a prerequisite for a better resource management and is the key to
economic recovery. My administration will establish lean but efficient cabinet that is both
capable and have the required knowledge and experience to deliver my agenda. The cabinet
will be based on the power sharing ideals and regional portfolio balancing. We will not be
caught in fire. We have a well written and articulated agenda that is not only realistic but built
on the basis of Hirshabeelle needs.Institutional building is a key driver to service delivery and good governance. My administration will not only focus on constructing institutional headquarters but finding the right people to lead these institutions through an open and competitive process. We will provide the necessary equipments, training and the required technology for institutions to discharge their mandate.

2. Peace and Security

We will strive to institute strong security apparatus in order to secure Hirshabeelle state of
Somalia. Security remains my top priority and I believe is the economic development engine
propeller. As I did when I was Hiiraan Governor, we will embark on opening roads that link major
Hirshabeele state urban areas in order to facilitate movement of people, goods and services.
My government will push a collective fight against Alshabaab so that our agricultural produce
are competitive and relieve from Alshabaab extortions/taxations.

3. Justice and Rule of Law

Hirshabeelle residents and clans deserve a better and functioning judicial system. My
government will embrace independent judiciary as a critical arm of government through
construction of law courts in all districts of Hirshabeelle in order to bring judicial services
closer to the people. They will not need to seek justice from none-government institutions
such as Alshabaab as the case is today.

4. Truth and reconciliation

Our communities are fractured and divided, and the most important duty of my new
government will be to reconcile the people of HirShabeelle. Reconciliation must address clan
and resource issues, it must address long-standing historical disputes, injustices in some cases,
and in others, recent injustices. We must bring together the polarized sections of our
community. Unless we can unify among ourselves, we will always remain susceptible to the agendas of others.

5. Re-Construction

As I said earlier, our wonderful and affluent Federal Member State- Hirshabeelle- is young. It’s
institutions did not get the required level of institutional reconstruction. Most of its institutions
don’t have headquarters, some of them have no offices to operate. My government will focus on reconstruction of major governance and administrative centers in order to establish government institutions that can provide service to Hirshabeelle residents.Constructing, rehabilitating, equipping of our institutions remains a major priority for my administration.

6. Economic Growth
Hirshabeelle agricultural produce, if supported through policies and inputs, can feed its people
and export the surplus to Mogadishu and overseas. My administration will focus on rebuilding
Mogadishu-Jowhar highway in order to boost transport and reduce cost of goods and services
exported to Mogadishu and beyond.This agricultural produce is the key employment provider in this region. On top of the agriculture sector which will generate employment opportunities for our youth, Hirshabeelle has longer costal area, larger livestock stock and there is no reason why it’s youth should immigrate or join extremist groups.

7. Social Services

There is a lot of work to be done; we will not be able to solve all the problems of HirShabeelle
State of Somalia in a short period. However, we can leap forward and begin the journey of
building a better future together. My intent is to lead a technocratic government that has a
futuristic agenda; on that build infrastructure that connects us to Mogadishu and other capitals
through roads, airports and modern technologies in order to improve transportation of people,
goods and services.

As Hirshabeelle stands to rewrite it’s history, I urge its honorable members of parliament to
see beyond mere rhetoric geared towards capturing presidency and scrutinise candidates based
on performance, experience and plans they have to improve Hirhsabeelle and it’s people.
I rest my case.

Thank you all and be blessed.
Abdi Farah Sharawe [Laqanyo]
Hirshabeelle Presidential Candidate
Email: abdilaqanyo@yahoo.com

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