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Internet Bandits and the era of social media

By Omar Farouk

It is not that this era of Internet and social media has been without its adverse weight. In Facebook for instance, we have multiple groups of bandits and fraudsters.

Hackers get in into our accounts and steal our photos and other valuable private information. We also have those who bring in fake news right into our screens and dupe us to read it so as to gain revenue from the click of its adverts. They all have their own harmful effect on us in one way or the other. Yet none of these groups pose a more pertinent danger to our society than these self-righteous social media bigwigs and pseudo-journalists.

Internet Bandits and the era of social media

Consisting of slanderers, hatemongers and other arrogant alarmists most of members of this group would not have been known beyond their villages without the blessing of social media.

Some come to public sphere pretending to be activists and socially concerned people and delude the gullible population by exploiting the natural curiosity of the Somali man to the maximum. They engage in pomposity and paint on a brush of conspiracy in everything so as to see something in it in where there is none.

A good way to kick off their malicious career is to engage diatribe against politicians, prominent personalities and business entities while tucking themselves under the auspices of free speech and patriotic watchdogging. In some occasions they engage in a socially taboo topics like sex to draw your attention.

And because there are too many naïve and idle users in Facebook they never miss a relatively large number of cheering ‘comments’ and ‘likes’ for their viciously manufactured scandal posts, which they in turn herald it as a nod of public acceptance.

Then they falsely magnify themselves and finally overestimate their figmental influential power. Some are driven by pure material incentives like Dahir Alasow while others are just clueless pessimists who confused constructive criticism with an outright ad hominem.

When Alasow was bombarding malicious accusations countlessly on Dahabshiil Group, majority of us were nonchalant. It is also true that, we were keeping mum when he was inanely assassinating the character of the former president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud. Now it seems that within a span of a week Farmaajo is their newly found way of seeking publicity and this had left many Somalis their mouth wide opened.

But before that, we Somalis must discern between the culture of pragmatic opposing and that of opposing for the sake of it. The former is a healthy checking mechanism and is good for the governance while the later inhibits progress and brings division.

Now  Farmaajo by all account is not a saint and far from being perfect.  He is a public servant whose words and actions, past and present, are subject to scrutiny and appraisal. But for the sake of goodness Alasow and the people of his ilk must be stopped. Not because of disparaging Farmaajo or anyone else for that matter, but because our people lack ideological affiliation and they capitalize that by using the sinister clannish card for their personal gain.

And because perception and faith of the people matters lot for a juvenile government like that of Somalia, they have to tackled so as not to lose them at this early stage.

And one good way to tame them is to cease commenting and liking their pages which they badly need to survive. Because without them they are rendered useless!

Omar Farouk Warfa

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