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Excellent Web

Dear Editors

Indeed, you deserve an accolade for your unbiased news coverage and excellent service. The classic Somali music in your portal is refreshing. Beyond exaggeration, you are doing a wonderful job, keep up the good work.

Ibrahim Ali

A Negotiated Settlement is the only way out for Somalia

Dear Editors:

Marvelous. A wonderful and thoughtful editorial piece at the appropriate time. To be
frank, most of us got lost in the details and forgot that the misery of our people is actually because of war and nothing else. I whole heartedly concur with your assessment that negotiation settlement is the only way forward and that maiming few more mothers and children will only degrade all of us to bestiality.

War is hell. The ball is now in colonel Awes and colonel Yusuf's court.  they can either further degrade the spirit of Southern Somalia or they can gain immortality and the eternal gratitude of their kin.

I guess your piece can be called "one crying in the wilderness". Unfortunately, the messiah return is still longs ways away .  all we can do is write editorial pieces like yours and let providence do god's will. as you said, we are cursed with the wrong leadership at wrong time.  let us not despair, however.

Thanks again for guiding the public and advocating the truth.

May Allah bless you.

Abdulkadir J. Dualeh

Dear Editors:

You editorial about the current situation in Somalia and the on-going war between the UIC, who seem to have the support of most Somalis, and the Ethiopia-backed warlords holed in Baidao, who lost whatever credibility left in their legitimacy to govern Somalia after siding with our arch enemy, has hit the nail on the head.

Every sound-minded Somali, regardless of their political persuasion, knows that Ethiopia is meddling our internal affairs for far too long to simply make sure that there will never be a proper, strong Somali government in place. Yes, Islamic Courts in Mogadishu may not be the last solution for our old age problem, but they have at least created peace and stability in the areas of their control and an environment conducive for future negotiations.

Let us not forget when our brothers in Djibouti hosted the Somali reconcilliation conference in Arta and a government led by Abdiqassim Salad Hassan and Ali khalif was installed in there in the presence of Arab and African dignatories (which included Melez himself), the Ethiopian government led by this maniac has used all the trick in the book to destablise that government by creating a whole host of problems for the Somali nation. Over the years they armed one group of Somalis against the other and when the Somali public turned to the Islamic courts to seek solace, they shown their true colours by invading Beledweyne and parts of Bay and Bakool region with a bunch of irresposible traitors who, unfortunately, share a name withus. I call them traitors.

Melez's Ethiopia has been allowed to meddle Somali affairs for far too long, but I am affraid that is about to come to an end now and the traitors who backed it simply to enrich themselves will end in shame and humiliation. We may further suffer along the way to recovery, but believe me we will come out victorious in the end.


Mohamed Yabarag
London, UK

Dear Editors:

BRAVO wardheerNews. Well-thought editorial. I shared the editorial piece with several Ethiopian websites and blogs. Debteraw news site has already posted it.

Hassan Warsame
Fairfax, Virginia

Dear Editors,

I had the pleasure of reading in your esteemed website Ahmed I. Yusuf's brilliant and lyrical piece in which he so eloquently defended our beloved President Aden A. Osman. Ahmed has not only presented quite convincingly why Aden Adde is revered by every sensible Somali but has also courageously defied the prevalent Somali mode of tribal group thinking. This was indeed a masterpiece that could only be conceived by the creative mind of a classy and courageous man like Ahmed I. Yusuf free from the debilitating illnesses that bedevilled our nation and numbed the thinking of much of our fellow citizens. Hurrah to Wardheernews in being such a fine and fair platform!

Best regards.

Ahmed I. Awad
Abyei, Sudan

Dear Editors:

The Somali National State needs Peace , Stability and Development  

I wish to add my voice to the the powerful message  reflected in your editorial today in support of the peace mission of Elders from the Somali National state of Ethiopia who are currently touring Europe and the United States .

After many years of conflict , instability and underdevelopment I believe the time has come when our people should join hands and work togther in a spirit of genuine brotherhood and solidarity to promote peace and social harmony and eliminate barriers of discord and division in their ranks. With their sagacity ,wisdom and moral authority I am confident that our respected traditional elders, the Garads, Ugases and Sultans and other leaders have the capabilities of playing a major role in resolving conflicts and establishing durable peace and stability In the SNS .

 I am confident that all individuals and groups from the Regional State in the Diaspora will extend their full support and cooperation to the visiting delegation to ensure the successful accomplishment of their mission.We wish them a pleasant and fruitful stay in the US   

A. S. Osman,

Fairfax VA USA

Dear Editors
Marka hore waad ku mahadsantihiin adeega guud eed u haysan akhristayaasha heernews.com. Waxa aan rajaynaya in aad halka ka sii wadi doontaan hawshan wacan.
Marka xigta Waxaan doonaya in aan waxyar ka idhaahda maqaalka kor ku xusan. Waxa aan aad ula yaabay in Editorial Board-ka uu qaato siyaasad ka dhan ah ururka ONLF islamarkaana u hilmaamo dhaxdhaxaadninada lagu yaqaano saxaafada. Runtii anigu ma difaacayo ONLF, imo badana way yeelan karaan. Laakiin waxa aad mooda in ay iska indhotirto hadafka guud ee jabhada kasoo ah in loo ogolaado dadka Soomaaliyeed ee ku nool deegaanka Soomaaliyeed in ay aayahooda ka tashadaan. Dhinca kale, waxa aad buunbunisaan kaalinka iyo awooda siyaasadeed ee guurtida; waxaa aad ka gaabsataan in aad wax ka sheegtaan dhibaatada guud ee ka jirta deegaanka Soomaalida sida ka hadalka maamulka maqaar saarka ah ee gobalka iyo faragalinta dawlada dhaxe ee siyaasada iyo maamulka deegaanka.
Waa muhiim in xushmo iyo qadarin la siiyo duqayda sidadarteedna jabhadu qanciso guurtida, haseyeeshe, waxa aad meesha ka saarteen in 2 jeer ay jabhada iyo hogaamiye-dhaqmeedku is arkeen islamarkaana ay is qanciyeen. Waxaa inta dheer, in barnaamijkii hore ee odayaasha wax iska badaleen. Shaki kuma jiro in maamuulka gobolka iyo dawlada dhexe ay saamayn ku leeyihiin safarkooda qurbaha.
Waxaa aan ku soo xidhayaa hadalkayga ONLF xaq bay u leedahay in ka taxadarto arimaha duqayda iyada oon ka tagin ixtiraamak iyo xushmaynta ay duqaydu leeyihiin.
Hadii ay Itoobiya nabada daacad katahay, way taqaanawadooyinka lo soo maro.
Abdi Habashi


Dear Editors:
As my day kicked off peacefully, of course with the anticipation of making the best out of it, I left home roughly around 7:30am, as my tradition has been lately. I stopped at a Starbucks and grabbed a small chai latte then headed to my office which is located approx. at the crossroads of College and University avenues in San Diego.

For the sake of being informed about the current issues around the world I always spend fifteen to twenty minutes surfing my favorite sites in the web before I look into my assigned activities of the day.

WDN being one of the best Somali sites that educates me continuously and consistently I checked it out first and I could not believe seeing the title of the current editorial. I whispered and said to myself do you need magnifiers or what you see is real?

At any rate I did not mind the first part of the title being Inspiring Elders, but what raised my eyebrows to the extreme was the latter part of the title being the irrelevance of ONLF. I knew you guys got the potential and the guts to expose anything you may think is newsworthy to your audience like you have done numerous times in the past, but I didn't expect this one. In my poor judgment this piece of info was compiled in a timely manner and a wisely context. Furthermore this will certainly touch some nerves but I am sure your contributions to the evolution of the history making events in the Somali Region will be helpful. I should stop here and resume my job

Ali Artan

San Diego Ca.

Dear Editors:

Your editorial on *"Bounty Hunting: A booming business in Mogadishu"*, has documented a serious human rights violations.  I have been avoiding this article for a long time but thought avoiding it will not do much but simply prolong the agony it so much has detailed.  The world has gone mad in many ways but my own (Somalia) amazes me dearly.  From the North to the South of Somalia, the religious or those who resemble them have become a fair game after September 11, 2001.  The powerful Somalis, such as the Warlords and their likes are cashing on the plight of their religious brothers.  For over 15 years, these Warlords have killed,
starved, raped and humiliated the innocent, while we (Somalis) and the world have turned blind eye.  These same criminals have turned around and all of the sudden became partners on the war against "terrorism".

Terror has taken toll in Somalia and those who have terrorized the innocent are making mockery out of our intellect as we entertain their baseless accusations.  Anyone with a capable mind knows very well, that the men these criminals turned to the thiopians/Americans are innocents caught in a vicious greedy clan war.  But, I must admit that these Warlords/Leaders have not disappointed me much, as I expected nothing more from them.  Thus, I must commend your courage to take on this serious issue.

However, the below excerpt from the same editorial has disturbed my soul and deeply disappointed me.  Please read these words and tell me how responsible they sound.  "/A real contribution to the war against international terrorism would have been apprehending Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aways, Sheikh Abdulkadir M. Jama, Sheikh Yusuf Mohamed Siyad alias
sheikh Indha Cadde, Adan Hashi Ayrow and all the known big fishes who openly preach terrorist sentiments inside Mogadishu".  

For crying out loud, why would any one make such a reckless statement in this day and age, when a man is crucified for simply being a Muslim.  I believe there is so much islamophobia around the world today, and to have your editorial join the chorus bugles the capable mind.  I believe WardheerNews has a redeemable value.  Hence, I will hope for a better
and balanced editorial for the near future.

Please stay gold,
Sadia Ali Aden

Dear editor,

I have read your editorial  'Where the Ignorant Rule, the Masses Agonize' of 31 December 2005. If we look at Somalis by the standards of a developed country where meritocracy matters more than aristocracy, your conclusions on the impact ignorant politicians have on Somalis are correct. On the face of it, ignorance will not be a bad epithet for someone who is uninformed on political issues -- we cannot be informed on everything. How will you defend your argument that under an educated leadership people will not agonise when so many educated Somalis toe the clan line and peddle clan propaganda for the benefit of the very 'ignorant leaders' you castigate in your editorial? If the case turns out to be like that, we need a different type of education that will make our educated less susceptible to the whims of immature leadership. That in itself is a Herculean task.

Liban Ahmad


Dear Editors:

Your editorial on *"Where the Ignorant Rule, the Masses Agonize"*, created commotion among some of your readers. Therefore, I decided to go back and revisit the article and genuinely try to understand what you have written to make these readers' blood boil.

Then I came across this statements which read /"Of course, Somalia’s rivers and agriculture
resources are all located in the South. But the North is also blessed with innovative and entrepreneur community and a better human resources as well as more cohesive communities"./ Then, I sat back and chuckled, thinking if this is worth putting my two cents in debate.

The first sentence, is based on facts as both Juba and Shabelle are the only rivers in Somalia and are both situated in the South, thus, placing the agriculture in the same hemisphere by default. However, I could not really find a consensus where the second statement could be substantiated.

Regardless, I must concur with my own feelings and say, whoever had more to contribute be the South or the North should bring smile to our faces, just as a biological sister or brother's success would ultimately lead to our own delight. So, let's say Masha Allah for those of us who
possess more and lets please keep politics out of the family affair..

Stay gold,
Sadia Ali Aden

Dear Editor,

After reading your article, I found it interesting and informative except ONE MAJOR POINT. You made a counter argument on Mohamed Dheere's statement that the North depended on the South. Among other things, you said, "Nobody has shown any tangible evidence whether the North depended on the South, or whether the South subsidized the North. Of course, Somalia’s rivers and agriculture resources are all located in the South.  But the North is also blessed with innovative and entrepreneur community and a better human resources as well as more cohesive communities". If the theme of your article was to highlight the acts of ignorant ones among us and their effects on the masses, how on earth you could argue that the North is blessed with innovative and entrepreneur community and a BETTER HUMAN RESOURCES than the South. I dare you to come up with a tangible and objectice evidence to support your stand. If you fail to defend your position (and I am sure you won't be abe to do so) you owe us (masses) to correct yourself with another editorial article.

Abdirahman Isse


What do you mean "the north is blessed with better human resources". If you consider people who chew Qat on a daily basis as somehow better human resources, then perhaps we have to redefine "better human resources''. Everyone knows that at noon in Hargeisa, you can forget about getting any service from any entity, public or private. Those folks are slaves to Qat. Unfortunately, they have succeeded in spreading their laziness and their addiction to the rest of the country. The laziness of the Northerners and their addiction is legend..

While this is true, and unlike Mohamed Dhere's opinion, I do not support their(Northerners) seceding from the rest of the  country. Your lazy and Qat crazed brother is still your brother.

It is incomprehensible to me that while they accuse the South of committing genocide against them,  they entrust their future to the Ehiopians, as if, the Amaharas will treat them any better than the somalis in the territories they have already stolen from us. The formula the Ehiopians used to gain control of the Ogaden is again at play in Somaliland. Today, Hargeisa is becoming more and more like Kellinka Lixaad where the Ethiopian Birr, Ethiopian Airlines, Ethiopian Tags, Ethiopian workers, and Anything Ethiopian is considered sacred. A friend of mine who has never visited "The North" recently went there and wrote me an e-mail. In it, he wrote that he felt like he was in Ethiopia. You figure it out.

Q Warfa

Dear editor

Thanks for putting this troubling situation on the news. Mogadishu Warlords have once again shown their ugly face by shipping innocent, unsupported individuals to the Americans simply to enrich themselves. Those who were expecting a functioning Somali government to take root in Somalia should look no further than this horrible, un-Somali habit in which innocent Somali religious individuals are traded for cash and cache, as you put it. Shame on Mogadishu and its warlords and well done Wardheernews who unearthed this evil practice in the nation's former capital. These people could soon trade their next of kin in this manner.
Mohamed Yabarag
London, UK 

Dear WardheerNews,

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on your birthday. The content of information, the depth and width of news and analysis that you carry on your website is a clear indication of a noble goal that you have set for yourselves.

I have observed a consistent adherance to objectivity and unbiased view in your analysis of news and events which nowadays is a very scare resource for many in our community. That principle, however, is hard to maintain in the long run especially for the Somali community. There are so many diversions that are more attractive then consistency and constancy of principles and values that divert our attentions. Our own wishes and perceptions of how
we, personally, like things to be affront us on a daily basis and beg us to bow to them and follow our flimsy views that distort the reality of any situation. The persuit of the Somali Unity and upholding higher standards of unbaised objectivity may also rub many in the wrong way who may accuse you of clannism and lack of prespective. It is important to recognize such claims for what they are. It is equally important to undertake a self-analysis and your site from time to time to gauge whether you are still in course.

I pray that the Board of Wardheernews can resist all immoral temptations and stay on the course of objectivity and commitment to the truth.


Nur Bahal
Toronto, Canada

Dear Editors

Many praises has been ushered to Wardheer News, and you deserve it and more. The only concern I have is does anyone make a good use of all those rich, well researched and articulate articles you are constantly editing and enhancing? Hail to the editorial staff and your contributing writers and opinion mongers.

Dear Editor:

I had never been an admirer of the BBC program about Somalia on the whole from its inception upto now;its strategic aim had been one of sowing distrust and division in the society. However, lately its quality had suffered further in its once subtle approach. The quality of its BBC staff shows a need to overhaul in entirety and the hiring of properly trained and qualified people in order to salvage its once seemingly good program at least for the layman.
Idon't think that suggestion shall work because the BBC management might not be at all interested in Somalia  and its problems except to further denigrate Somalia as a nation..
The BBC had played a major role in our country's travail in the past  but by entrusting it to hopeless elements to cover major topics now is again adding insult to an injury.
That is it!
Ahmed Haile
San Diego

Dear Wardheernews Editorial Board,
Your editorial piece about the BBC Somali section, as in many other editorials on your webpage, proves to be gross bias on your part and, worse yet, strikes the reader with submerged clanish rhetoric.
Since the inception of Wardheernews, we, the avid readers of Somalia, hoped to enjoy a classic practice of journalism equavilant to Hiiraan Online.
Unfortunately, your editorial views were consistently pro-warlord - a worst kind: Mr. Abdullahi Yusuf.
Apparently, you've now accelerated your hate-pitched veiwpoints to attack a deft, yet hard working citizen of Somalia, Mr. Yusuf Garad, the chief editor of the BBC Somali service only because he belongs not to your tribe (we know Feisal Roble, Ahmed & Mohamed Hassan's tribes) and doesnot subscribe to your ill-fated political apprehension. The basis of your criticism against Mr. Garad stands to be mere tribalistic, serctarian and an all-out mission to replace an accomplished man with a puppit.
He who knows the history of the BBC Somalis service is fully aware that it used to be a family feifdom for two major tribes: The Isaaq & the  Daaroods for over half of a century. Indeed, the first full-time Hawiye reporter became Hassan Barise who worked for the English section for over 20 years. You claimed that the Somali Service was in good shape in those days. Isn't that a reflection of your genetic attitude?
For the first time, a pure affirmative action is in place at the Somali service were almost all tribes are employed according to their credentials. Mr. Garad, the man behind this cutting edge effort,  for your information, was not hired in accordance with 4.5, rather, on the basis of his proven knowledge and capacity.
The Somali section of the BBC enjoys its vastest listeners ever; Accessible more than ever before. And now available at FM stations throughout Somalia. Why didn't Mr. Garad's predecessors do this? Is that what you consider successful journalism?
Why is it you people can't stand the accomplishment of a Hawiye man? When Mohamed Abdullahi was in charge of the service and others before him, we've not seen the calculated campaign against the BBC as we see it today. Why is that? Could it be interpreted that you envision for your ilk only to head the Somali service? What is the sensitivity? Could it be that it bothers you to hear a different kind of dialect (a Hawiye one to be blunt) on the Somali service after nearly half a century of Qaldaan and Bari dialects?
When warlord Abdullahi Yusuf visited London, Mr. Garad "invited him" to the Bush house' not that he proactively wanted his voice to be heard, as you suggested. When Shariif Hassan came, he, too, was "invited" to the studio. Your self-fullfilling prophecies lead you to beleive something else.
The reader of Wardheernews gets completely confused. On one hand, you're waging a public relations war against Ethiopia's strongman, Melez Zenawi in favor of the Somali region. On the other hand, your zealeosly backing warlord Abdullah Yusuf in favor of the Somali people. The pair, as we all know, go together, not against each other. I don't know where you are missing the dot, but if Yusuf's weak TFG succeeds, Somalia's region in Ethiopia is for sure off the map for good. You can take this to the bank.
No wonder Wardheernews remains extremely unpopular among Somalis.
May be we, the readers, should recommend you something:
  • If you ever want Wardheernews to go upward, please refrain from sectarian business for the sake of your circulation. This strategy has proven to be solid for Hiiraan Online - the only unbiased Somali portal.
  • If you like to be in the same corridors with Waagacusub, Hobyonet, Allpuntland and Awdalnews, feel free to accelerate your biased direction. The best you'll do on this avenue is receive "The best English website" Award from unschooled folks somewhere in Minnesota. Shame on you!

Have a nice Ramadan.
Evaluating reader,

Yosra Ali


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