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By Abdikadir Mohamed Ali 

Mohamed Abdullahi “Farmajo”  is a former Somali diplomat and politician who is the 9th and current President of Somalia. He previously served the Prime Minister of Somalia from November 2010 until June 2011 and is the founder and Chairman of the Tayo Political Party. He became President of Somalia after winning the 2017 presidential election by garnering 184 votes out of the total 328 votes of the Somali Federal Parliament.

President Farmajo

Somalia is a country that has experienced excessive amounts of political instability during the past decades. The battle for Somali regions led to a shift in the political ideology and interactions with other nations. Overall Somalia is politically unstable. After the collapse of the Somali government, various factions decided to vie for control of Somalia, which resulted in chaos, clan warfare, and interclan fighting.

Somalia is divided into regional states: Puntland, Galmudug, Jubbaland, South West State, Hir-shabelle, Somaliland, Awdalland, and Khatumo State

Among the eight (8) regions, six (6) are officially recognized by the international Community as independent countries /States with very confusing structures. These are: Puntland, Galmudug, Jubbaland, South West State, Hir-Shabelle and Somaliland

They have structures like neighbouring countries such as:

  1. Flag
  2. Presidents
  3. Foreign Affairs Ministry (Somaliland)
  4. Defense/Security Ministry
  5. Military, among others

These have led to confusion, stalemate, and conflict among other challenges because the regional governments can do any form or type of transaction the Federal Government can take. This has led the situation to deteriorate and create mistrust among other issues. The Regional Governments were created to make Somalia more unstable, confused and become ungovernable.

These structures were created by Ethiopia and the Western countries with well calculated and planned objectives. The whole problem in Somalia is Ethiopia getting well support from the International Community particularly the Western countries. The objective of Ethiopia is to annex Somalia to Ethiopia. This was a long-term dream which they proposed to Britain although they didn’t buy the proposed idea almost more than 100 years ago.

Ethiopian Shipping Lines (ESL) has inaugurated nine new cargo fleets to be purchased from China at the cost of $300 million in May 2014. The vessels were inaugurated at the Port of Djibouti.  Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn, Djiboutian President Ismail Omar Guelleh and other senior government officials were present at the inauguration ceremony.

The nine vessels are named after the capital cities of the nine regional states in Ethiopia. President Ismail said at the inauguration, “Djibouti gives a port service to Ethiopia but it does not consider that it is giving the service to another country but regards it as it is doing it for itself, we believe that Ethiopia is Djibouti and Djibouti is Ethiopia, no difference at all.” Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn said in his speech, “The vessels are not only Ethiopian assets but they are also Djibouti’s properties”. “The vessels indicate the rapid development in Ethiopia”, he added.

How on earth can a landlocked country buy vessels and ships? This is not business as usual but it’s a long-term project and dream. The issue of engaging Djibouti is just creating public relations and diverting intention. The future dream is to take Somalia and curve as one of the regions in Ethiopia.

Mr. Mohamed is the most frustrated person in the region since he is not in control and that all Regional Presidents have categorically refused to dance to his tone and dream. They are independent, and can engage anyone internally and externally. One particular figure worth mentioning is Abdiweli Gas who engaged with Dubai in Basaso port bilateral agreement. This is totally unconstitutional as it contravenes the foreign and international policy of any country without the consent of the Federal Government. Mr farmajo is a man under siege, overpowered by business and power brokers who prefer the continuation of unstable affairs so they can engage with International and Multinational Companies solely to exploit the huge natural resources of weak, impoverished and war-ravaged Somalia.

There are many major players behind the myriads of problems faced by Somalia. Instead of offering collective support, the International Community has become the major contributor to Somalia’s problems because of its support for different groups and sections, hence creating persistent divisions. The international Community’s interest is to see an unstable Somalia for the foreseeable future. Their major self-interest is to continue looting this beleaguered nation’s natural resources particularly the long coastal waters that is known to contain large reserves of fish and other resources such as minerals which a stable Somali government couldn’t have allowed, regardless of the magnitude of looting .The other burning issue, is the transformation of Somali waters into a dumping site for developed countries’ Multinational Companies wastes and other hazardous materials.

The two neighbouring countries never had good heart for Somalia and they cannot have for it. These are Ethiopia and Kenya since Somalia claimed NFD in Kenya and Eastern Ethiopia.

It’s true that almost every Somali believes the two regions will join Somalia one day. It is in the world history of Ethiopia-Somalia war of 1977 and if it were not the meddling of Western Countries, Somalia could have easily defeated Ethiopia and completed the claim to the Western (Eastern Ethiopia) Somali region. Ethiopia is safe in the region when Somalia is unstable and therefore, it has to do all ways and means to block the creation of stable systems.

The second challenge Somalia is facing are its citizens who contributed to the down fall and endless civil wars for the last twenty seven years. Somalis are not patriotic and loyal citizens. In fact they are betrayers and a Somali individual can betray his or her country for cheap free things.

This is a cultural challenge as a community because they like short cut and free things. What will I get, is there nostalgic notion. This is a very dangerous trend indeed.

The Warlords, Businessmen and Powerbrokers don’t want stable government systems with regulations. It’s not to their interests because it undermines many benefits such as doing businesses in and out of the country without controls and systems. These are groups of cartels who were ruling and running the country for the last 30 years. It assists them not to pay taxes and as well allows them to transact all sorts of filthy businesses in the country. Somalia is a den and a route for illegal drugs to Africa and others parts of the world by Drug Barons. Therefore, they will never allow the emergence of a stable country.

Another disease that crippled Somalia is the clan business that spread hatred and inter-clan wars fueled by the few warlords for their self-interests. They are not getting any conceivable life experiences from the long periods of clan wars that reduced their dignity and made them world refugees. They are refugees in Kenya, Ethiopia, and Yemen, and inside Somalia as Internally Displaced Persons facing malnutrition, diseases, hunger, lack of education, the absence of clean water and other public services that could have been provided by a stable Government.

Somalia is facing a constitutional crisis and the current one is creating more problems than good since it’s a confused system of governance and poor leadership. It’s dividing the country than uniting it although it was purposely formed for them not to unite, not to agree, to continue creating wrangles and it has created several lugubrious megalomaniacal independent countries within Somalia called Regional States that absolutely render the central Government ostentatiously redundant.

The Westerners and their allies programmed the brain and the thinking of the Somalis and others that Al-Shabab is the enemy in Somalia. No, it is not. The owners of Al-Shabab are the main problem that has created it, fund it, and supply it with weapons and also provide the necessary military and technical support. Furthermore they don’t boom systems and they are the ones who created the constitution that led to all these states and countries. This was one of the tools used by the external force to create mayhem, confusion, more death and assassinations, destruction, threats and then lose of sight. In fact the problem in Somalia is above Al-Shabab.

The president was a hope for the Somali community wherever they are. This is actually an irony, unbelievable and only a fool can have such wishes. It’s not possible to achieve what you want to achieve when you are fighting with your own hands, resources and all other avenues including clan, self-interest, Al-shabab, and other hidden agendas.

Literally there is no Government and working systems at all in Somalia and that is why Mr. Mohamed is an idle, frustrated loner.  This has made the current president a lame-duck, quixotic leader recognized by the International Community though without a country to govern at all.

Abdikadir Mohamed Ali

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