Sunday, July 22, 2018
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Praying for peace in Kenya

By Abubakar N. Kasim

I pray for peace and understanding for the beautiful country of Kenya.

Kenya has been good and welcoming for many vulnerable people including the Somalis.  When civil war broke out in Somalia, it had opened its doors to embrace us.

To this date Somalis enjoy full freedom in the country. They practice their faith freely, own property and do business without any hurdle or obstacle.

I urge Kenyans to be mature and don’t allow dirty politics to divide them.  They should put their country first and leave their differences aside.

They should take a lesson to the destruction that had befallen upon our country Somalia, as a result of politicians who pursue the politics of divide to conquer.

To this date we don’t have real peace in Somalia. We have been dispersed throughout the planet as orphans without parents.  It is as if we have been cursed to eternity. Tribalism has taken over. No one has been saved from this illness – not the cleric, not the educated ones, not the old or the young.

I urge the Kenyans: inspite of the outcome, don’t destroy Kenya with your own hands. Building takes efforts, time and talent but every fool can destroy things.  If things get out of control, then, the Jinn will come out from the bottle and it will be hard to have things under control once again.

Peace is priceless. No matter who wins, Kenyans should not choose violence as the way out but should choose peaceful means to fix the system.

Africa has been blessed with many things. It is rich with endless resources. Weather is beautiful. Magnificent sceneries are second to none in the entire world. Food is delicious. People are kind hearted, friendly and welcoming. But unfortunately leaders have hijacked power serving only their own interests.

While the continent is rich, the resources are stolen by the few egotistical powerful people while the rest live and die in poverty.

We should not blame the outside world for influencing the African politics. We should blame our own selves for not serving our own people. Outsiders will never look at our interests. We should be mature enough to know this and to start putting our acts together and choose the most honest leaders to hold the banner of leadership.

May peace and a sense of understanding prevail in Kenya and the rest of Africa. May the best and honest candidate win in Tuesday’s election and may all Kenyans come together to work for the betterment of the country and don’t allow division to win.

Abubakar N. Kasim
Toronto, Canada

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