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By Abdelkarim A Hassan

There was much jubilation among many Somalis and in particular those from Puntland celebrating long and wide when Dr. Abdiwali M. Ali was elected as the president of Puntland on January 8, 2014. The euphoria shown by many from the region when the election results were announced had more to do with the rejection of Abdirahman Faroole than the election of Abdiwali as an agent of change. The people of Puntland were despondent with Faroole’s administration and culture of nepotism, corruption, and incompetency. There was a yearning for any change that would lead to Faroole’s exit. Faroole’s departure was welcomed with much optimism and perceived by many as a new dawn on the horizon for Puntland. It was reminiscent of the same jubilation that was accorded to President Hassan Sh. Mohamoud when he came to power on Oct. 2012; however, the current dismal conditions prevalent under his leadership are testament to his failure not only to Somalis worldwide but also among the International Community. President Mohamoud’s immense shortcomings are due to the prevailing plunder and missed opportunities to lead Somalia to a secure, stable, and prosperous statehood.

Puntland president convey
President Abdiwali’s entourage, Garowe.

Abdiwali M. Ali, the fifth President (including an interim president) of Puntland and the former Prime Minister of Somalia in the transitional administration from June 2011 to October 2012, won the Puntland presidency with a slim margin, at a time when the region was dominated by rampant corruption as well as maladministration.

President Abdiwali, while campaigning for the office, put together a vision: “My mission is based on a genuine desire to create a better future for all Somalis-a future that is characterized by the virtuous cycle of peace, stability, and wealth of opportunities, in place of the vicious cycle of insecurity, poverty and underdevelopment”. Moreover, as soon as he was sworn into office, Abdiwali promised that under his watch, Puntland is destined for economic prosperity and political stability. The President was right to focus on economic development and political stability, among other urgent needs of a regional state that has never seen the many promises made by its leaders. He presented these two paramount components of Puntlands’ vision for success in his victory speech.

The key challenges facing Puntland, that needed concrete approach in his first 100 days, as the President outlined, included: jobs creation, strengthening public and private institutions, finding long term solutions to the intricate issue of Sool Sanaag and Cayn (SSC) region and paving the way for a multiparty system. Thus, Abdiwali’s success should be measured on the achievements and progress or the lack thereof he made on these key segments.

Security and Integrity of Puntland

Puntland president reception2
President Abdwali’s reception, Garowe , Puntland.

At the onset of his presidential victory, Abdiwali committed to convene a grand assembly between Puntland administration and Sool, Sanaag and Cayn communities, to find a lasting solution on the issue of SSC. Many people have welcomed the approach to tackle head on the issue of SSC, with no preconditions. This is, as is well known, challenging and yet critical to the integrity and existence of Puntland.. Laas Caanood has fallen to Somaliland’s hands on Oct, 2007, while Adde Musse was in power. Laas Caanood, a key city as well as other parts of SSC region, has since been under the control of Somaliland. The SSC communities attribute the loss of Laas Caanood to Puntland leader’s lukewarm interest in the SSC region. This issue has been the center of the SSC conflict with the Puntland administration. Notwithstanding that SSC communities should put their house in good order and form a forward looking unified voice.

President Abdiwali has yet to honor his promise to convene a meeting with SSC communities. As his predecessor, the issue of Sool, Sanaag and Cayn is not a priority for him, which has led the communities from such regions to further disengage from his administration, as one of the key stakeholders of Puntland. Obviously, it seems Abdiwali’s vision for Puntland is a continuation of Faroole’s policies. From the looks of it, Abdiweli’s interest and governing doesn’t go beyond Garowe and the surrounding vicinity.

On the other hand, Puntland security is deteriorating. Insecurity and targeted killings are becoming the norm. There are reports alleging that Puntland’s administration under Abdiwali, have failed to pay the salaries of those responsible for safeguarding the security of the public. Some reports state that the proud men and women in uniforms, those entrusted with preserving the public safety of Puntland, have not received salaries for more than 10 months.


Abdelkarim A Hassan

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  1. Mohamed Yare

    I agree with the writer;I think there is a big difference between empty rhetoric and real governance. Any idiot can hold a press conference or shoot a photo op. However, I am not sure if PL people’s expectations given the resources were/are realistic either.

  2. Mohamed Ismail

    A nice article! One minor oversight warrants attention though: Lasanod was “captured”/transferred to the secessionists during Adde Muse’s presidency (some say at the behest of the Ethiopian government which uses both entities as its satellites). However, Farole kept honoring Puntland’s side of the bargain during his presidency, a step Dr. Abdiweli seems to be following, despite the occasional seemingly tough talk to the contrary.

    • Isaaq

      What`s holding u back from “liberating” Las Anod?

      • Ina Farah

        So you are openly insulting a clan that you then want to be part of your self-declared country. How does that work? Btw, you spew nothing but hatred and you actually don’t deserve such a platform to express your hate.

        • Isaaq

          Is it an insult to point out the truth? In Ethiopia and in Kismayo it is only that clan that is hiding behind foreign forces. But in Las Anod they seem to be all pussycats except in the diaspora

          • Ina Farah

            So you reinforce your insults and then still expect those same people to join your political project? Don’t you see that you’re part of the problem here. And if you want to coerce people, due to your perceived military superiority, and force them to join you by the gun then that’s recipe for war and not peace. It will never really materialise and will just derail the fragile peace and stability in the north.

          • Isaaq

            Which clan makes up the Liyu Police? Which clan is hiding behind Kenya? Who was Abdullahi Yusuf and why was he riding inside an Ethiopian tank in Mogadisho? These are not insults my friend they are facts if you disagree with reality that is your problem not mine. As for “those people” it is in their interest to join Somaliland and have done so in droves. As I have argued before no one needed to coerce them they freely chose Somaliland. I doubt Somaliland has the resources to “brutally occupy” Las Anod as some individuals here have claimed. Nevertheless, it isn`t my job to sweet talk “them” into any political project. Somaliland is as much their country as it`s mine and most important they are free people and I am an individual who calls is as I see it. Somaliland could have easilty shelled Buuhoodle into rubble from a distance but Silanyo (u know the one your buddy Mohamed Ismail called a criminal) did the opposite and offered peaceful negotiations (which are still ongoing as we speak) and even pulled back the troops. Does that sound like “derailing the fragile peace and stability” to you?

          • Isaaq

            I am not insulting anyone. It is an undeniable fact that Liyu police are made up of mainly Absame-Ogaden Daroods and they hide behind Ethiopia. Same thing in Kismayo with the Ogadeni Ras Kamboni militia working for Kenya. I don`t need to sweet talk anyone join my “political project” whatever that`s suppose to mean. If you are talking about Somaliland it is as much their country as mine and trust me no one coercing anyone to join anything. In fact most of the Somaliland troops in Las Anod region are made up of locals. If anyone is trying to derail the peasce and stability of the region it is the likes of warlord wannabe Ali Khalif and his Khatumoseeg bandits. Fyi Ali Khalif was one of the first signatories to the reclamation of Somaliland independence in Burco May 18 1991 and he even ran for office at the Borama Conference of 1993. So who “coerced” him?

          • Isaaq

            No one is insulting anyone here. It is a fact. What do you think is going on in Kismayo? I am not “coercing” anyone to join anything. If you are talking about Las Anod, you should be aware that most of the Somaliland forces in that region are locals. If you want to know who wants to derail the peace and stability look no further than your fellow commenters here like Master Culusow, Mohamed Ismail, Yasin, and Abderaheem who are openly calling for Puntland to attack Somaliland in Las Anod.

  3. Isaaq

    This article is full of you know what. First of all who the the hell can speak for so called “ssc” a well known euphemism for dhulbahante subclan even excluding warsangalis. So if Somaliland has managed to rule Las Anod,the capital of so callled SSC and 70% of Sool then who the hell is Puntland in this equation? Mr. Abdelkarim seems to be just expressing his tribalist pan-daroodist tendencies from what I see.

    • Ismail Warsame

      We don’t have to take part of a text out of context. Abdelkarim wrote a comprehensive piece on Puntland situation. It is commendable work we all have to appreciate. Emotional reactions to contentious issues raised therein is not in the best interest of any one. Such issues beg for solutions based on compromises, mutual respect and understanding. Leaders are accountable to their election promises and pledges. I guess objectivity and fair play have lost any meaning in Somali political debate lately. To restore peace and stability to Somalis, all sources of conflicts should be eliminated peacefully through dialogue in a mature fashion consistent with our traditional values known of all Somalis.

      • Isaaq

        I guess you should tell that to your buddy Gaas who keeps harping on about ejecting Somaliland by force from its own territory. I guess that is what you people call “peaceful dialogue”. Your hypocrisy stinks to high heaven Ismail.

      • Yassin

        As someone who’s against the secessionist aspiration of dividing Somalia, I can’t agree more with the writer. As for Abdiwali, it seems he’s honoring Puntland’s side of the trilateral (ETHIOPIA, puntland and somaliland) agreement to put SSC regions under Somaliland.

        • Isaaq

          So you are against “dividing Somalia” but want war against Somaliland? That`s a strange way of advocating for unity. Are you also against Djibouti being divided from Somalia?

        • Isaaq

          What does Ethiopia have to do with this? You people are always making fantasy excuses for your failure and cowardice

  4. Omer

    Well thought-out and balanced piece, Puntland leaders should take a note on the raised issues.

  5. moyu

    puntland is literally for a subclan and its core policy is called ” ari boowe aa markaygii” and i think its time for others like Maakhir follow suit as khaatumo and Awdal

  6. Ismail Warsame

    If someone is interested in meaningful debate on any subject on the net or any other media platforms, one is expected not to engage in personal attacks against the messenger, but instead keep debating on issues. One would not gain anything from wasting other people’s time. Please also have the courage not to hide behind false names: come in the open for all of us to see you.

    • Isaaq

      That is ironic coming from the person who has penned numerous articles denigrating Isaaqs (although in a sort of passive aggressive style well known in puntland) and their leaders while glorifying his own majerteen clansmentI think you totally misunderstand the whole point of the internet. The internet is all about free flow of ideas but first and foremost it is about anonymity. So if I or someone else throws a jab or two your way don`t whine like a little child and run away with your ball from the playground. Either throw a few back or just ignore the attacks you deem to be too “personal” and respond to the ones you think need to be responded to. But for Godsakes stop all this calaacal it doesn`t suit you at all. LOL

    • Mohamed Ismail

      You can’t reason with a loose cannon!

      • Isaaq

        That`s quite rich coming from the one who said this:

        Mohamed Ismail • 3 months ago

        Typical Hawiye low-life! Waxaan awooddaada garasho (IQ) ku qiyaasi lahaa-sida reerka aad ka dhalatay intiisa kale-70, taasoo ah xadka ay ku kala qaysamaan dadka garashadoodu yar tahay (intellectual disability) iyo kuwa darajada garasho waxa yar kuwaa uun ka sarreeya (borderline intellectual functioning).
        Wardheer News aad bay kuu sharaftay markay aqbaleen inay nacnacdaa soo daabacaan.

      • Isaaq

        I doubt anyone who says this has much of an IQ in the first place:


        Share ›

        Mohamed Ismail • 3 months ago
        Typical Hawiye low-life! Waxaan awooddaada garasho (IQ) ku qiyaasi lahaa-sida reerka aad ka dhalatay intiisa kale-70, taasoo ah xadka ay ku kala qaysamaan dadka garashadoodu yar tahay (intellectual disability) iyo kuwa darajada garasho waxa yar kuwaa uun ka sarreeya (borderline intellectual functioning).
        Wardheer News aad bay kuu sharaftay markay aqbaleen inay nacnacdaa soo daabacaan.

      • Isaaq

        My “low IQ” Abti I would keep a low profile if I were you considering you go around calling people “hawiye low-lifes” kkkkkkkkk

      • Sam

        Aren`t you the one who said “hawiye low-lifes”? Project much?

    • Isaaq

      Seems like someone is scared of debate and keeps deleting my replies to you Ismail. Are you that thin skinned my friend? LOL

  7. Isaaq

    Wardheernews Daroodism on display they erased my rather tame criticisms but have left filthy tribal insults of Mohamed Ismail alone:


    Share ›

    Mohamed Ismail • 3 months ago
    Typical Hawiye low-life! Waxaan awooddaada garasho (IQ) ku qiyaasi lahaa-sida reerka aad ka dhalatay intiisa kale-70, taasoo ah xadka ay ku kala qaysamaan dadka garashadoodu yar tahay (intellectual disability) iyo kuwa darajada garasho waxa yar kuwaa uun ka sarreeya (borderline intellectual functioning).
    Wardheer News aad bay kuu sharaftay markay aqbaleen inay nacnacdaa soo daabacaan.

    So I guess its ok to call entire somali clans “low-lifes” but not ok to criticize puntland. Strange kkkkkkkkkk

  8. Isaaq

    This article is full of you know what. First of all who the the hell can speak for so called “ssc” a well known euphemism for dhulbahante subclan even excluding warsangalis. So if Somaliland has managed to rule Las Anod,the capital of so callled SSC and 70% of Sool for over a decade then who the hell is Puntland to speak for or represent these people in this equation? If anyone has a right to speak for these regions it is their representatives in the
    Somaliland legislature and cabinet. I have to admit Mr. Abdelkarim seems to be just expressing his tribalist pan-daroodist tendencies from what I see so that is not abnormal among Somalis even the most educated among us.

  9. Abdiraheem Omar

    The article is spot on, the only thing I would
    add is, this policy of honoring what is apparently a gentleman’s agreement
    between Ethiopia, Somaliland and Puntland can no longer be practical as we get
    closer to 2016, and the proverbial ball is on Puntland’s court, therefore,
    Puntland needs to come out clean and be honest with the people of SSC

    • Master Culusow

      And you’re in a good, if not unique, position (you know what I mean) to influence things there. I don’t think if Abdiweli is serious (which I really doubt), he needs even to waste time and money on convening a conference. The SSC people may feel betrayed when their own government had co-conspired with the SNM to have a huge chunk of their land, including their capital, transferred to their traditional enemy, but still people there are forgiving and many of them don’t harbor a lasting ill will toward their older sibling. As a result, such a conference would be fruitless unless, of course, he wants to use this conference as an excuse to keep on his endless procrastinations of making good of his campaign promises by saying, “They (the SSC) can’t come together and agree on anything”. We cannot rule out that one or two sub clans might still want to milk and live off the occupation, as has been happening in the last few years. However, if Abdiweli is really serious about liberation (which requires him to muster the courage of defying Ethiopian wishes), he will have at least 90% of the people of SSC firmly standing behind him.

      • Isaaq

        I hope to God you people “muster up that courage” so we can take the fight to the streets of Garowe and Bosaso. Oh! The thought just makes my skin tingle. Please bring it on boys! Kkkkkkkkkkkk

      • Abdiraheem Omar

        Br. Culusow, current political climate in Somalia is changing too fast for our comfort, we all saw the amount of effort federal government
        is putting rather hastily to build administration for the central regions, needless to say, Puntland government’s policy of “continuation of the status
        quo” is absolutely not acceptable for the people of SSC. Equally alarming though is, the sham Khaatumo administration led by Ali Khalif with his vindictive cowboy mentality of getting even with everyone whom he disagrees with the slightest issue. and his “ Nacayb Sokeeye”
        ridden outlook.

        • Master Culusow

          I agree with you, we should not allow that guy and his fake group to hijack our destiny and mar our reputation. If he harbors a grudge against a certain Darod sub clan, that should be Ali’s problem. But in no way should we allow him to use the good name of the SSC people to align with us Hassan Culusow’s people in an attempt to harm the interests of Puntland. Of course that doesn’t let Puntland off the hook as we have indicated in our previous discussion, but if Ali wants to be Culusow’s buddy, he can do that as long as he does it individually and doesn’t delude himself by portraying the relationship as one between the SSC people and Culusow’s.

          • Isaaq

            Man! You guys are grasping at straws LOL! Nin daad qaadey xumbo cuske

  10. Abdelkarim

    Thanks Mohamed Ismail for the correction of Laas Caanod’s timeline, and Ismail Warsame for the wise suggestion of limiting our debate to the substance of the articles and refrain from personal attacks.

    • Isaaq

      I guess your cousin mohamed ismail calling people “hawiye low-lifes” is not considered personal attacks by you daroods here? LOL

  11. Dablariday

    I can’t explain why some of the Somali intellectuals are angry about President Abdiweli A. Gas and dislike or hate him with passion, and why it has little to do with his actions and policies!!.???.. The thing to notice about President Abdiweli when you look at him when he talks about Puntland and/or national conditions and what needs to be done, or when he has to speak about national tragedies, is the lack of visible, genuine and strong human emotions. I think some of the Puntland intellectuals didn’t like Dr. Abdiweli because he seems always to be talking about things in an intellectual, and professorial style….In my humble opinion Dr. Abdiweli Ali had demonstrated a true leadership style, showing the perseverance to accomplish his campaigns goals, regardless of the seemingly insurmountable obstacles. The President displayed a confident calmness when he was under stress, maintaining traits through good times and bad times and he continually focused on the hard political issues regardless of the situation…..

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