Monday, June 18, 2018
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SAUDI ARABIA: 46 suspects linked to Madinah bombing arrested


JEDDAH: Interior Ministry officers have arrested 46 alleged militants belonging to a terrorist cell in the neighborhood of Al-Harazat in Jeddah, ministry spokesman Maj. Gen. Mansour Al-Turki said on Sunday.

The charges included intent to target worshipers at the Prophet’s Mosque, carrying out a deadly attack near a mosque close to the US Consulate in Jeddah, and the murder of a cell member who they suspected intended to hand himself over to the security services.

“Upon examining the carpet, it was found to contain blood traces that did not belong to the arrested militants,” said Al-Turki.

Confessions by several cell members led the security men to the body, which was identified by DNA.

The wanted militant was experienced in manufacturing explosive belts.

Of the 46 arrested, 32 are Saudi and 14 are nationals of Pakistan, Yemen, Afghanistan, Egypt, Jordan and Sudan.

Al-Turki said raids were also carried out on two hideouts of a terrorist cell in Jeddah: A residential apartment in Al-Naseem neighborhood, which resulted in the arrest of Hossam Saleh Samaran Al-Juhani; and a rest house where two militants, Khalid Ghazi Al-Sarwani and Nadi Marzouq Khalaf Al-Mudiani Al-Enezi, blew themselves up during the raid. They had been involved in a number of terrorist crimes.

“Security personnel are able to protect our security and have sufficient resources to deal with all cases,” Al-Turki said.

Source: ArabNews

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