Sunday, May 27, 2018
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Somalia: Drought Fund Raising

To our Esteemed WardheerNews family and Friends of Somalia

We couldn’t stay by the sideline; the catastrophe coming to our people in Somalia is massive. And so we  partnered with Humanity Against Poverty to raise funds for the drought.

We know our esteemed readers who have been with us for the past twelve years, who have enjoyed our editorials; articles and news are passionate and compassionate. Your action is more needed today than any other time. Please be generous to aid the victims of the drought. Be assured these funds will reach the victims and will help them with food, water and shelter. We don’t want our precious fathers, mothers, brothers and children to perish with this unforgiving looming famine.

Please go to our GOFUNDME page and follow the easy directions to donate:

GOFUNDME page: Somalia Drought victims  

Follow our progress and information on this Facebook page created for this fund raising effort

Help Somalia Drought Victims: Face Book

Thank you
Humanity Against Poverty and WardheerNews

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