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Somalia furious at Raila’s calls for Somaliland independence


Gamal Mohamed Hassan- Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Somalia when he was received by President Uhuru Kenyatta at State House in August 2015. /PSCU
Gamal Mohamed Hassan- Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Somalia when he was received by President Uhuru Kenyatta at State House in August 2015. /PSCU

Somalia has reacted angrily to Cord leader Raila Odinga’s remarks that the international community recognises Somaliland as an independent state.

Ambassador Gamal Hassan termed Raila’s comment as irresponsible and damaging the country’s territorial integrity.

Raila reportedly said at Chatham House, London where he delivered a speech, that he supports the full recognition of the break-away semi-autonomous state.

“I am a strong supporter of the full recognition of Somaliland. I think there is very strong case,” he said said during a question and answer session at the forum.

But Amb Hassan dismissed Raila and said: “That comment was in a bad taste. It questions the territorial integrity of Somalia,”

“Politics of Somalia should be left to Somalis. Politicians should refrain from such issues,” Hassan said.

In a different response posted on Twitter, the embassy in Kenya termed the comment by Raila as “damaging”.

“Unity, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Somalia is inviolable,” the embassy said.

Somaliland whose capital is Hargeisa is not internationally recognised as an independent state but mainly referred to as semi-autonomous.

It declared independence from the larger Mogadishu-based Somalia in 1991, following the collapse of the government led by Siad Bare.

But it has not been recognised internationally yet.

Raila’s comment comes a week after the chair of council of governors, Peter Munya called for “some recognition” of Somaliland.

He spoke after he led a Kenyan delegation to Hargeisa in a bid to convince leaders to remove restrictions on Miraa trade.

“In my deliberations with top government officials, I managed to convince the government to appoint a technical committee to review the duty in exchange of some form of recognition of the Republic of Somaliland by the Kenyan government,” Munya, who also the governor of Meru, said.

Munya said that the miraa market in Somaliland is worth about Sh40 billion.

Source: The Star

28 Responses to “Somalia furious at Raila’s calls for Somaliland independence”

  1. Ibrahim Farhan

    Kudos to Amb. Hassan who hails from the unionist region of eastern Sanaag. We knew for a while that the secessionists have been bribing corrupt Kenyan politicians such as Raila Odigna, former deputy speaker, Farah Ma’alin, etc. One may ask though where does the money come from? It is the direct aid Britain and the EU provide to the enclave. Part of that money is used for bribery like this one, military incursions (otherwise the impoverished one-clan enclave could not have supported thousands of their clan militia), and bribing local collaborators who work hand in hand with the clan’s occupying militia. The question is can unionist clans challenge the nation/s that provide such aid to the secessionists that we know is very detrimental to the unionists and their cause? I believe we can if we have the will. At a minimum, the aid would be redirected as an indirect aid which would be used for projects such as providing potable water to the residents of the enclave’s largest city. My challenge to the unionists: Lets stop the empty talk and start springing into action by hiring a good law firm that goes after the source of the secessionists’ funding.

  2. Bulhan Warsame

    The good news is that Odinga will never be president. Uhuru will be re-elected and he will stay the course as far as Kenya’s relationship with its neighbors. However, I agree with Farhan that unionists need to organize themselves better than they have been thus far. The diaspora should go after the enclave’s external aid which is provided by a limited a number of countries in Europe. Peace and tranquility will reign supreme in northern Somalia if they lose the direct funding which they use to terrorize their neighbors.

  3. Camelboy

    Kenya and Somaliland have a lot of shared history. They were both part of Her Majesty’s government and got their independence from Great Britian. They both shared the same currency and passport at one time.

    A lot of Somalilanders call Kenya home, some are 4th generation Kenyans who arrived in Kenya in 1890s.

    So for Kenya to support Somaliland, it makes a lot of sense.

  4. Bulhan Warsame

    Somali-Kenyans who hail from the enclave are the smallest among the Somali clans in Kenya. And the vast majority of Somali-Kenyans oppose your secession. We knew for a while that your clan has been bribing some Kenyan politicians, which includes this loser. The good news is Uhuru is coming back to office and Kenya’s foreign policy will not change. It is foolish for any country in the region to open Pandora’s box. Africa is full of restive ethnic groups.

    • Camelboy

      Bulhan you are blinded by hatred which is why you can’t comprehend what I have just said about Somalilanders in Kenya.

      When I Somalilanders in Kenya, I mean those dual citizens of Kenya and Somaliland. These include highly successful elite businessmen and academics who contributed to both Somaliland and Kenya over the years.

      With regards to Raila Odinga, he understand Somaliland and I am sure as a leader in Kenya, he will contribute towards the rekindled historic relationship between Kenya and Somaliland.

      • Ibrahim Farhan

        In Odinga uu awr-kiraale idiin yahay waynu wada ognahaye, wax kale miyaad sheegaysaa. Aabbihiisuu ahaa ninkii 60-meeyadii yidhi Soomaalida ceelasha ha loo sumeeyo. Markaa Soomaali nacayb iyo laaluush uun baynu odhan kartaa weeye motive-kiisa uu hadda dalka u kala jarjarayo. Tan kalena, waxaad sheegaysaa waa Isaaqa sujuuga ah ee Kenya deggen, taasna waxaan u malaynayaa Isaaq in Dhulbahante qudhi kaga badan yahay Kenya, kagana saamayn badan yahay (caddayn: sawirka Uhuru iyo safiirka fiiri). Ma garan karo markaa buunbuuninta xoogaaga Isaaqa ah ee askartii dagaalkii labaad ka soo tafiirantay ee Ingriisku Isiolo iyaga iyo qabaa’il kale uu wada dejiyey aad halkan kaga buunbuuninayso.

        • Camelboy

          Adiga iyo inta kula midka ah ee Qabyaaladu qudhunsatay, waa sababta u kala saari kari la’dahay Somaliland iyo beelaha ka tirsan Somaliland.

          The great majority from a wide cross-section of the inhabitants of Somaliland, from any clan, support the cause to dissolve the failed and now defunct Union with between Hargeisa and Mogadishu.

    • Camelboy

      The call to Support Somaliland’s cause will only get loader. The number of people in your hate list will only get longer not shorter. 😀

  5. Osman Omar Hassan

    There is no way a one-clan secessionist enclave can be recognized by the international community (or sustained) as long as the unionist northern regions of Sool, Sanaag, Cayn and Awdal are opposed to the secession and to be part of the so-called ” Somaliland”.

    Raila Odinga’s call for the one-clan’s recognition should be seen in its right context. Before the 2007 presidential election, in which how was a candidate, he pledged recognition to the enclave if he won the election after he he was promised one million dollar reward if he made good on his word. Unfortunately for him and the enclave, he was defeated by Kibaki. But we should not lose sight of the positive side of Odinga’s reported offer of recognition to the renegade enclave: if Kenya was to do that under whatever government or leadership, they would be digging their own grave and not ours. By legitimizing secession, they would give us a golden opportunity to reclaim our own NFD regions- needless to say under different leadership than the current corrupt traitors we have.

    • Aden Ismail

      Oday Osman, are you more an anti-Isaq than a unionist?. You have never shared with us your opinion about the benefits of reunited Somalia for your Katumo State let alone for “the secessionists”. Repeating same words as “one clan, secessionists, enclave” over and will only serve contrary to your message. I wonder if your hatred to you maternal cousins has something to do with a childhood traumatic experience you had with them.

      • Osman Omar Hassan

        No need for your crude Freudian psychoanalysis to explain my opposition to the secession. I do so not only to defend the rights of the unionist regions that oppose the secession that the ” one-clan secessionist enclave” is imposing on them but also to defend my beloved maternal relations from themselves and from the folly of their ways for without being part of Somalia a breakaway one clan is doomed. That is a mark of my care for them dummy!!

        • Aden Ismail

          I want to know how you come to this conclusion. Don’t you need to convince me to agree with you? How can anyone from the “enclave” agree with you if you cannot prove your point with facts. Why is separation doomed and union is not. We all know previous union was doomed. If Isaq is one Clan, yours is a sub clan of Harti which is a sub clan of Darood clan (sub of a sub clan) based on the definition of 4.5 system you support.

        • Camelboy

          Awoow Osman,
          The process to undo the mistakes of the 1960 is a one-way ticket with no return.

          I am confident, so long that Hargeisa has the support the majority of its people, Somaliland will be here to stay.

          You can keep your head firmly burried in the sand but I am 100% certain the region, the continent and the world will tow the line and accept the decision of the people of Somaliland. Come hell or high water, Somaliland’s independence will come to fruition.

          If the majority of the people of Somaliland do not want anything to do with Mogadishu, no one can make them change their mind. These are people who have been to hell and they know what uniting with Ex-Italian colony looks like and the great unhappiness and injustice experienced under the domination of Mogadishu on the expense of our people. No sane person in Hargeisa will want to make another mistake.

          • Osman Omar Hassan

            Camel boy
            Sheeka xumida jooji!!
            There is nothing called majorities and minorities in” Somaliland” for Somaliland ceased to exist on the first ofJuly 1960 when each of the clans of British Somaliland – those who had protection agreement with the British and the one that did not – agreed to unite with Italian Somaliland. You cannot unsubscribe from that union unless the Somali nation agrees to it through its parliament and subsequently through referendum.

            But if one clan secedes, taking advantage of the collapse of the Somali State for which they were largely responsible through their alliance with Ethiopia – just as they were largely responsible for the defeat of the Somali nationalist Darwidh movement through their alliance with the British- that treacherous act does not in any way bind the unionist clans, exercising their inalienable rights, to remain in Somalia. Who and what law gives one clan to dictate to others and impose its perfidious actions on them ? So, the question of majority rule does not arise. It is opposition to one’s secession and its hegemony.

          • Camelboy

            To suggest that Somaliland ceased to exist on 1st of July 1960 is the same as saying that any union between two sovereign equal entities is a “Kiss of death” for one. This twisted assertion runs in the face of conventional reality and accepted norms on the ground. Your assertion makes sense to people who have no regard for rule of law.

            Firstly, let me remind you, that when Somaliland achieved its independence from Great Britian, like most other nations, it was free to choose its destiny. Great Britian did not return Somaliland to a former power, or to a mother country like it did for Hong Kong for instance. Nor was Somaliland annexed by a mother country like Eritrea was when Italy vacated. Instead, Somaliland as a soveriegn free will opted to unite with Ex-Italian Somalia, to create The Somali Republic.

            It became apparently clear from the get go that the union was built on a very shaky foundation since the Somaliland people were shortchanged in that union.

            When the late Dictator Somalia came to power, he essentially killed the union of the 1960. Hence, Somaliland became an occupied territory by a foreign power against its own wishes and aspiration. In short, Somaliland did not join the union to be treated as a second class citizens in their own country.

            When in 1991, the dictator was forcefully ousted from power and his regime was toppled, Somalia became a failed state with no central government. Somaliland reclaimed its sovereignty inside the borders of 26 June 1960.

            Any new government stablished in Mogadishu or new constitution to recreate the failed union does not concern or bind to Somaliland. After all, Somaliland, its goverment and its people are not party to any new government formed in Mogadishu after 1991. They can claim whatever they want in Mogadishu but they will never rule Hargeisa and its people.

            The bottom line is, there is no forced union that can recreate the failed Somalia. It is never going to happen.

            With regards to the minority groups that are against Somaliland’s sovereignty in Sool and Sanaag. This kind of opposition is normal. It happened in Eritrea where the Afars wanted to remain part of Ethiopia. It happened in Kosovo where the Serbs want to remain part of Serbia. At the end of the day Its a majority rules with minority’s rights will be respected.

          • Ibrahim Farhan

            They also plotted against Ahmed Gurey (Read Futuh-Al-Habash).

  6. Abdulkga .

    Don’t panic Faqash boys, Raila’s comment is not going to change much of the real situation on the ground – with or without recognition,the status-quo will remain the same: Somaliland and Somalia will be two separate and different countries for ever – you guys should get used to that bitter reality, especially, when you know for sure, that your MOD clansmen led by Afweyne, an illiterate dictator, were the cause of the civil war and the subsequent disintegration in the first place . Your unjustifiable hate will only play into the hands of some radical ant-Darood elements within the leadership of both Hargeisa/Mogadishu, and that is not good.

  7. Abdi Jama

    Somali-Dhul (LAND) dhan igu luaga duwada. Waxaan arkaa mar waad faanaysaan, mar waad calaaclaysaan, marna waad hanjabaysaan. Itaasina isma raacdo ileen gari Illaahay bay taqaane. Indheegaradka Soomalaiyeed waa ogyahay oo Reer Sheekh Isaaq Somalida oo dhan ma necba waxay necebyihiin hal qabiil keliya markaasay ku adkaatay si ay u sheegaan ama dadka ugu micneeyaan dabeed waxay ka fursanwayday inay ku doodaan Somali baanu diidanahay. Horaa loo yidhi “Carab dalab leh lug dalab leh laga garan og.” Qabiilka ay reer Isaaq la yidhaahdaa uurka ka neceen waa Daarood. Bal u fiirso markay ka hadlayaan dawladii Somaliyed waxay ugu yeedhayaan dawlad qabiilka Daarood iska lahaa. Dawladii kacaanku kama dhalan shir beesha Daarood yeelatay ee wuxuu ahaa kacdoon ciidan oo uu taageeray shicib ka daalay beentii siyaasiyiintii rayidka ahaa. Waxaan hadalka kaga baqoolayaa reer Sheekh dagaalku yuu idinka xumaane si run ah oo raganimo leh ugu wanqala warmahana kala fura oo Jigjiga ilaa Ceerigaabo saf kaga qabta,

    • Camelboy

      Dadka qabyaaladu dishootay waxa lagu garta wax walba qabiil ayay ka dhex raadiyan.

      Qofkii isagu cuqdad gaar ah ka qaba beesha rer Sheekh Isaxaaq ha ogaado beeshu inay tahay beel balaadhan oo sheekh iyo shariifba leh. Waligood dhulka waa ku noolaayee, way ku noolyihiin, waana ku noolaan doonaan ilaa inta ilahay koonkan dhamaanayo.

      Kol hadii sidaa tahay, qofkii isagu cuqdad qabaa isaga ayay u taal.

      Laakin waxa haboon, in dooda la hufo oo laga koro qabiil.

      Dadka qaar ayaa halkan kaga dhegtay “One-clan”.. kaba soo qaad hadii hal qof ama hal qoys (a husband and his wife and children) just one single family-unit taageersanyihiin. Waxba kama badalayso aragtida. Aragtida waxa weeye Somaliland oo xor ah cidii rabta ama qoys ha ahaado, ama One-clan ha ahaado, ama multi-clan ha ahaado, waa isku mid. Waxna reality kuma darayso, waxna kama dhimayso. Kolka wakhti ha isaga lumin waxaan waxna ku tarayn waxna ka dhimayn oo hadal tiro ah.

      • Ibrahim Farhan

        Laakiin waxaad is ilowsiinaysaa in go’idda hal qabiil oo u arkay inay sidaa iyaga ugu badiso oo la yidhaahdo Isaaq ay dabada ka riixayaan. Runta aad go’idda u rabtaana maaha grievances aad qabtaane, waa sidaasay noogu badisaa (hegemony raadis). Markaa runta ku soo dhawow oo ha iska dhigin qof aan qabyaaladi motive-garaynayn. waxa ku shidayaa, oo weliba reerka oo dhan wada shidayaa, waa qabyaalad (dantiinaad ka dhex aragteen go’idda ee idinkama aha inaad saxaysaan wax reer woqooyi ka khaldamay, in kastoo aan ogahay inaad idinka keligiin isu haysataan reer woqooyi)

  8. Abdulkga .

    Abdi jama – Daarood ma nebcin ee waxaanu necebnahay dulinimada. Abti, Idoor nabadna wuu yaqaan colaadna wuu yaqaan. Waad maqashay maahmaahda : Ogaadeen intuu wakhtiga nabadda ku yeelo , colaadda kuguma yeelo. Maalin kasta labaatan bus ayaa kasoo baxa Bossaso – Garowe- lascanood oo Burco iyo Gaar ahaan Hargeisa u socda , Intaas in la mid ah ayaa Hargeisa kasoo baxa – dadkaasi boqolkiiba 90 waa Daarood; hadii dhibaato jirto dadkaasi uma safreen dhinacaas. Bal idinka amaan iyo sharafta Intaas le’eg meel ka talisaan ma ka helyna?

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