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The Crocodile Tears of the Extradition of Qalbidhagax and the Baseless Greater Somalia Euphoria beneath it

By Hussien Mohamed Yusuf

We have listened, read and watched about the story of the extradition of Abdikarin Sh Musa AKA Qalbi Dhagax to Ethiopia and hue and cry   that followed accusing the Somali Government of the hand Over and the damage it brought to what most of the people whose writings appeared on different websites call the Somalinimo

Abdikarin Sh Musa AKA Qalbi Dhagax with two guards

But the Question is if Abdkarim is a Somali National what do you think he has got to do with Ethiopia and why was he extradited to Ethiopia? There will be different answers to this question but the common answer for this from the greater Somalia die hard writers is  it’s  that Ethiopia has got more influence on the Somali Politics and this is not different from the decades old intervention of Ethiopia into internal Somali politics, is it?

No one will deny that Qalbi Dhagax has committed crimes against his own people in the Ethiopian Somali region and specifically to his own villages around Wardheer. If you are not well aware of what ONLF under the leadership of Qalbi dhagax et al did to the very innocent old and young people of his own kinsmen then don’t expect me to tell you what al-shabaab has done to Somalis in Somalia.

If some of you believe that Qalbidhax is Somali National for he was sometime ago a soldier in Somalia army then there comes that President Ismail Omer Gelleh of Djibouti is Ethiopian for the reason that he was born schooled and grown up in Dire Dawa.

Then here comes the Ethiopian Somali regional state which, I believe most of the Diaspora rotating arm chair writers  are ignorant of what it’s all about to be an Ethiopian Somali and the Ethiopiannes of the ethnic Somalis in Ethiopia.

Ethiopian Somali Regional State is the second largest Regional state under the nine Regional States and is inhibited by Somalis who are part of the Federal Democratic republic of Ethiopia as Juballand and Gamudug are the Regional States of the Federal Government of Somalia.

I am of the Generation who grew up and schooled in the New Ethiopia of the Post Derge Regime where every Regional State has its own running Government system. My generation grew up and went to schools and Universities with the same Generation of other Ethiopian ethnic groups like Oromos, Amharas and Tigrains among others whom we share with one country and one flag.

I remember as a student in the University how we felt ashamed whenever we were asked by our other ethnic classmates about the chaos and crises in Somalia and why Somalia is in mess! That is the Somalia I knew growing up and it will not surprise those of you who grew up under the umbrella and euphoria of the greater Somalia that Somalia, to my generation is No man’s country and there is no reason you run after other ethnic Somalis living in peace and harmony with their respective other ethnic groups in the different Horn of Africa Countries

Somalis are Somalis by ethnicity but nationality of Somalis in the different countries in the horn differ. I will not deny that I am Somali by ethnicity but I am Ethiopian by Nationality and to many of you who have grown up with the notion of Somali weyn may be surprised by my stand but don’t forget that I am from a generation who grew up with a Somalia synonymous with a chaos, confusion and Clan against clan politics.

I believe that if we need to live in peace and harmony in the horn of Africa as ethnic Somalis with different nationalities, we need to respect each other for the peaceful coexistence of the different countries we are from.

If the Qalbi dhagax Saga is about Somalinimo and not a crocodile tear by the rotating arm chair Pseudo politicians, why did not we observe a single article about the Somalis Massacred in Hawaday.

It is the usual business of the fadhi kudirir politicians to come against any government in Somalia and that is the usual decades old movies we have been watching and will continue watching if they don’t face the current reality on the ground that we as ethnic Somalis share the ethnicity of Somalinimo but separated by the Countries we are from and that we need to respect and live in peace and harmony in the greater Horn of Africa

Hussien Mohamed Yusuf

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