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Think about a 3 km journey that takes 4 hours – but not because of traffic!

By Khalif H. Dalmar

I love my country and live in Mogadishu, about 3 km from Aden Ade International Airport. One of the problems is, however, that you can purchase airplane tickets, but are not sure if you can travel that distance to the airport to catch your flight on time!

For instance, if your flight is at 10:30am, you have to start the journey at 5am. You have to reserve more than 4 hours for varies security checks; otherwise you are at risk of missing your flight, and losing your ticket.

Remember: check-in closes 60 minutes before departure. Imagine what it’s like for people to live even further from the airport?

Sometimes you might decide to travel; leaving plenty of time in advance, but you can still miss your trip because of closed roads, which are only open to heavily-guarded political elites.

If you are an ordinary traveler, student, sick, old, or a mother with kids, you will get turned back for no reason. If, however, you live in the ‘Halane Zone,’ which is within the airport, you are in a good position, and don’t have to worry at all!

Ordinary civilians extremely suffer their daily movements and when they travel from Mogadishu, even though it is the capital of Somalia.

Good government serves her people equally, regardless of who they are. Therefore government should give citizens first priority and give at least several days of advance notice through social media if roads will be closed!

Khalif H. Dalmar

Twitter @khalifdalmar

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