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By Fartaag Research & Consulting

Does Britain have a hidden agenda in the upcoming London conference? Are they taking advantage of the lack of institutions in Somalia?

Boris Johnson meeting with Somalia’s regional leaders, Mogadishu

Britain, being a colonial master, understands that the country has been faced with progressive clan balkanization. Britain also understands that in the Somali institutions, no one expects certain standards of behaviour from others; everyone in the public sector acts on narrow self-interest. The ongoing dilemmas and obstacles to progress in both the public and private sectors are really the result of the behaviour and attitudes of the entire pool of public servants, proxy government employees, the few well connected entrepreneurs, journalists, civil society, and the traditional leaders. They seem to understand that they are dealing with, or for that matter, managing an entire new elite (Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, Hassan Ali Khaire and Mohamed A. Farmaajo) incapable of questioning anything. They also understand that Somali leaders are hardly concerned with economic policy implementation or enforcing governance benchmarks and constitutionalism.

Painful as it is, corrupt British elites also understand that Somalia’s public servants, in particular, the so-called regional presidents – Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud (aka “Silanyo”), Abdiweli Mohamed Ali (aka “Gas”), Ali Abdullahi Osoble (aka “Ali Amore”), Sharif Hassan Sheikh Aden (aka “Sakin”), and Ahmed Mohamed Islam (aka “Madobe”) – have little affinity for the type of clan pluralistic democratic practices and respect for fundamental human rights expected of them. But it is not without basis to say that this is occurring subtly while pandering to Western countries, in particular, Britain and its lobby to gain power and prestige. That leaves us Somali people stuck with utterly corrupt Western leaders – Rt Hon. The Lord Howard of Lympne CH QC – who remain imprisoned by intellectual constructs that depict us Somalis as helpless victims for British elites and its organizations to rescue. It is striking that such a high achiever, Lord Howard, who often talks so loudly of the benefits of a strong foundation of democracy and liberty, has acted, in the case of Soma Oil & Gas, in a manner counter to his self-proclaimed title as one of the leading democratic persons.

Who is in charge in Somalia? Lord Howard or the Somali Parliament?

Having intact, well-run, informal clan institutions is nevertheless where the confusion begins, and it is clear that currently the contemporary system is in the hands of the clan system and is governed by that mindset. The government organization is a purely superficial set-up; it continues in the same vein as many other things in Somalia, which is “keeping up appearances”. Because of this confusion of the two systems, it is important that the clan representatives, the parliamentarians, dictate the terms in regards to the upcoming conference and its agenda (security, humanitarian development and political process, including Soma Oil & Gas) not Rt Hon. The Lord Howard of Lympne CH QC, former Prime Minister David Cameron, incumbent Prime Minister Theresa May and their Somali cronies, former president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and the incumbent premier Hassan Ali Khaire.

But how could the British elite let their ego get in the way of logic? The logic that is blind to the realities of a system in need of a complete overhaul, a system with an entire pool of public servants who do not have their heads on straight and are being used to cover the naked blackmail sent by British government: “It’s your last chance to work with us on [Soma Oil] agreement, or we will cut off handouts.”

Many enlightened people in Somalia are not all that comfortable with double standard British elite making all the backroom dirty decisions (Addis Ababa meeting on March 28) that prevent Somalis from getting together. If the concern is who gets the blame, then Britain gets hung up on the wrong issues. That all of this goes on while Somali bureaucrats have neglected fence-mending within their sacred unity suggests, at the very least, a double standard and a lack of self-awareness. The perception on the ground is that as long as British government continue their handouts to Somali government under the guise of helping and improving security, humanitarian development and speeding up political process (but in reality manipulating officials’ differences while exploiting natural resources) Somalia will continue to be mere chattels and minders of their own natural resources. The West, in particular Britain will also continue to exploit their differences to prevent Somalis from not only getting together, but also from being preoccupied with the real issue, because if they do not, it will affect their own neck. Actions on these utterly corrupt Somali and British leaders’ hidden agenda will lead to the perpetual suspicion of the London conference.

The blaming of Britain’s condescending behaviour rages on. But while it does, these historical missteps are not the sole causes of Somalia’s problems today. They cannot be reduced to a simple construct that merits blame. Western corrupt leaders and their organizations cannot be made responsible for the failure of the Somali system of governance to transform itself into a proper functioning system. What piffle this is. Meanwhile, public servants at every level have been taking the convenient and most expedient way out of a difficult time for the country. British leaders are deliberately thriving from such ugly and insulting double standard policies behind the scene.

It boggles the mind that the so-called populist leader, Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed (Farmaajo), supposedly concerned about shared values, goals, and responsibilities, can be so indifferent to the point where he strays from purer, defensive motives he claims to have had when he took over the government a month ago. This is an especially gripping drama when such populist leader continuously tries to signal his eagerness to collaborate with questionable double-standard foreign policies – the London Conference – which advances a few powerful corrupt British elites’ hidden principles and who often do not move away from on-size-fits-all prescriptions. The British elites’ actions always diminish any hope of probity, good work and involvement in the construction of independent Somalia.


Fartaag Research & Consulting

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