Sunday, July 22, 2018
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Ethiopian Economy Still Leading East Africa In 2018

Addis Ababa, Despite a slight decline in the continent as a whole, the Ethiopian economy continues leading East Africa in the development index, reported the World Bank (WB) today.In the first place in sub-Saharan Africa this year is Ghana, with a forecast of 8.3 percent, one tenth higher than Ethiopia, with a forecast of 8.2, according to the report.

Ethiopia is likely to remain the fastest-growing economy, but is expected to slow down by taking measures to stabilize the government’s debt, the text said, according to which Kenya must return to the path of growth through a decline in inflation and consolidate in Tanzania due to the boost of investments.

Other growth forecasts in the WB report refer to Kenya, with 5.5; Tanzania, 6.8; Uganda, 5.1 and Rwanda, 5.9.

The optimistic forecasts are based on indexes such as public and private investments, and ignore the political turbulence that shakes states located south of the Sahara for various reasons, including attempts to secede, ethnic conflicts and the action of Islamist armed groups.

Source: Prensa Latina





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