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Social media impact on traditional social fabric

By Abdi Musse

It is not hidden secret that our traditional social fabric and cohesion is changing drastically due to extensive use of diverse social media platforms and mediums. This new form of communication in some instances as many presume decentralizes and increases the flow of information or resource mobilizations.

When I was growing up I for example used to walk for a mile to inter-act with real human being call it family or close friend just to get the beauty of human connection-to fulfil an emotional and psychological desire that only comes with when one inter-acts with a human beings.

The exponential use of Facebook, Twitter, Instgram and likes are creating disconnected and dissolution virtual groups-groups that sometimes have positive collaboration and engagement elements. Take student groups and crowd sourcing communities that collaborate to work for a common goal or maybe solve common problem. Authorities sometimes use social media platforms to for example spread messages fast than any traditional medium; with this connotation social media is also slowly destroying youth and their way of thinking. Take for example a family of five in a small living room that do not inter act each with each other, are using their gadget with no or little talking.

When families are in this state of mind one can truly imagine general trend to the wider society.

Youth in 30 to 40 years from now

When i see my teenage son playing FIFA18 on play station and I ask him who he is playing with, he replies I do not know him/her or where they are but the person I am playing with is pretty good and he beats me twice a week on this game.

Surely if my son disagrees with this virtual playmate the only power my son or the other party has is to LOG OFF-if this person was real person at least sitting next to him he could talk to him/her and probably they could come up with some sort of solution to their disagreement. With no conflict resolution and no emotional inter-action, the consequence of this will be with any one you disagree deserves to be logged off, i.e the punishment for your playmate is to vacate the platform he/she is connected with.

Fast forward 30 to 40 years, by then today’s youth have families etc but because they do not have the experience to tolerate or sometimes even beg their partners to resolve some issue they will tend to remember the logging off phenomena, i.e walk away from his/her partner which in turn would lead disintegrated, defragmented families and societies.

It is not secret and some of these tech companies even admitted that the true design of their platforms are to keep users as long as they can so that the user consumes most of their time being on the platform-this is where the addiction and constant seek of gratification such as “likes” and self fulfilling prophesy of connected partners interaction is sough. By constantly looking and engaging with who commented on my postings and gratification one gets from comments and replies, is fulfilling and admirable to many social media users.

To end this simple but eye opening truth, I  would like to note that “ a girl’s mother passed away and she posted a message that her mother passed away” two days later she was complaining on social media because no one gave her “like” on her posting about the death of her mother.

Abdi Musse


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